Oh several themes running… and one of them would be that action/movement = action/movement.  And this is a good thing.  On this journey there are times to keep things simple and go slow and do no thing.  And there are times to get moving… even if you’re not sure.  To do something and see what unfolds.

Yet, as I wrote this one day and came back to it the next… I realized I am again in a time where I can’t keep up (with the more detailed writing)  and  this is as it should be.  Oh these past few weeks… as if so much to share yet, now I am/we are different.  I’ve often written on, letting go, letting it flow and being present… and we seem to be doing all of this.

So for now I leave these thoughts… and much ❤




P.S.   Relationship issue have also been a theme/pulse.  What was okay… may now not be okay.  And there are multiple ways to approach this dynamic (remember who you now are).  Oh are we getting ready on so many levels for the next.  Forever changing and shifting…  ❤

And I will also share moments of silence (and to regroup) seem to be needed.  No additional noise as our body synchs up with a higher frequency.  Just honor.


Additional reading/past posts:

2015/02/16/silence-is-golden/  and  spiritual-being-body-moving-with-spirit



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