Between Gates


Oh how I love signs/mirrors/synchronicities!  And at times I do my best thinking and connecting with Spirit in a “vehicle”.   So a day of travel and I found myself chuckling at the signs provided. 

As I past a dirt devil  (a first for me – a wind vortex that rises up from the ground, usually in good weather) … I could acknowledge it as mystical… a creation… a release…  and that much was stirring.

On a level, I could say over the past few days not much was gong on.  On other levels though, a lot!  There have been many themes… and couple this the work/clearing that we’ve done/been doing!!  For weeks/months now.  It does take just about all we are to do it.  I have noticed the pattern of weeks/months of this intense work… and then as if your more normal/ideal personality returns.  Like, whooo, where have you been?  And now that you’re back, can you stick around?

So, I also found myself perfectly placed at an unexpected drawn bridge opening.  I’ve travel this road enough times to know the scheduled times.  As the gate (to my surprise) started to fall (I made the 1st one), I slammed on my brakes to respect the next/final one.  I then started to laugh.  I could see the mirror/vibration/reminder.  I could have possible floored it/accelerated and made the passage just fine… yet it was a time to pause.  I was now in-between, in a space not many are to be in.  Safe and waiting… and having a unique/different view and seeing the details of the change/passageway.  Something else needed to cross/go first.

So… I will pass along some random thoughts, yet they often do all weave together.

Another wave is currently awakening.  While it does happen in larger waves, smaller ones, too.  And this is an interesting time as I find they are triggering those who woke up some time ago.  One could say a good test/experience of where one is in this journey.  Allowing… patient… supportive?  Mastery??  Possibly very for some, yet maybe not so much for others.  One may clearly remember when they were like another… and then find themselves wondering, oh my, was I ever like this/that??   What reality are they in??  There are so many (strong) vibrations running right now.  There’s a lot of shifting.  Shifting is awesome yet so is healing.  If one just shifts verses heals, well… this may be why it comes back around (challenging realities) again and again.  We do though often get to the root and transform.

Change in routine and roles is another theme.  Often we hold on to old ways/joys that we loved without even knowing it.  It’s okay to shake everything up and do it again (teehee) and see how it all works out/what feels right.

I’ve also found myself pondering on galactic work as it is a gift and honor.  Realizing though that we’ve (collectively) been, for quite some time, also releasing a lot of fear (based work).  My guess is this will continue.  I’ve been fortunate in my journey as my guidance has always been – all is well!  I do still get some of the Atlantis messages – on a time of it’s rising again and trust that many of us also carry/carried the fear/dna of that fall, too.

I noted these words:  Disturbance in the force…? Or, Nature running it’s course.                (as if no question)

Some time ago I felt I was in synch with the Kp/geo storm charts.  When it went red, I was either spiritual high/in alignment/leaping ahead or… deep in a reality/personal/collective work/feeling it.  For some time now I’ve noticed a pattern of doing the work, releasing and then, the charts go red… and often observing a ripple affect/others.  It’s kind of like asking which came first… the chicken or the egg?


We now… can set the tone.  If you don’t like a reality/situation… you do have the power to change… or to make it happen.  Your life is as good as you allow.  Do what makes your heart sing!  And we are to stay true to who we are.

No enmeshment…


Our connections should feel good… alive… thriving!  Needed, purposeful and enjoyable… verses co-dependent, stagnating or draining.  Yet this too, is often a step as many of us are empaths… and we are one… often experiencing/assisting in many ways.

On a personal level, I seem to also be working on a few themes:  Choices/paths… and to learn more on certain topics that at some point will assist I and others in their journey.   Often themes comes in small pieces and we patiently work on the, project (noun)/pro ject (verb); tending to unfold over days/weeks/in time.

Sometimes the joy in the journey is taking the… pause.  Often unexpected.  To be patient… or have that divine a-ha moment.  To see the bigger picture/higher plan.  To allow.  To clarify, request or forge a bit different path.  And if you are sailing along, Godspeed as this is also awesome.  Either way it is always work out.

I love you and thank you for reading.



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3 comments on “Between Gates

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  2. Molly, once again perfect timing. So much shifting. I recently had the message to be patient, things are unfolding. A few weeks ago I was in the in-between and saw myself walking the perimeter of my apartment complex. When I reached a certain area I performed a ritual. Once I was finished I came out of the in-between and sat on the side of my bed. In less then a minute what was once a bright sunny day had dark storm clouds move in a torrential down pore for about a minute and the dark clouds moved out and the sun shone bright again. The feeling was of releasing fear on the grid. This past weekend I was guided to walk the perimeter of my apartment complex physically. While I was walking I heard the words “energy grid”. Helping to anchor new energy in the grid? There have been some major changes at work and I have the feeling based on what has happened for me that I have come full circle. So you always seem to touch on where I am in my journey. Much love to you!

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