And more


Well… there’s always more, lol.  And some may notice that they are able to go, do and balance more.  This has been a gradual process of restoration…

and return to our new normal.  I wanted to mention that there have been some pretty powerful upgrades happening.  An upper spine/neck… and a lower back/spine.  They will slow you down a bit – trust your process.  So while we’ve been talking about movement/flowing… honor your amazing vessel.  Spirit has referred to them as repairs verses healing or upgrades.  Interesting.

And for some reason I think of…


I seem to note words such as alignment, space and spine, new backbone, etc.

Often there is a stage or even a lifetime of self-healing work in this journey… and this is good enough work.  It’s more than good… it is truly life changing.  And it takes however long it takes.

For some of these healing/upgrades… (as at some point they are one in the same), no words/understanding may surface.  I think of think of a baby to preschooler; that age group.  They don’t have the emotional development, words, etc. to describe.  Yet you might feel emotions, etc. Plus, if you’re doing multidimensional work… there are places where words aren’t used… yet possibly another way to communicate/know.

There’s also been some pulses and/or moments of… overthinking, or questioning.  For example – have I done enough?  I think generally the answer is, Yes!  This can be a great moment to get to the roots of guilt, expectations and why one might feel those expectations.   Often we do visit themes and experiences again and again to understand even more, to go deeper and… it’s all good!  As we get stronger, new triggers/lessons/moments come.

Okay… I think I’ve passed along enough now.  Thank you for reading.  ❤


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