Renewal of Faith


Oh these past few days!  How are we doing… as the energy is kicking, teehee… or flowing… right?  As I thumbed through my notebook, I could see a distinct line of what was and what’s, now.

For some this past weekend was a time to rest/renew/revise/rejuvenate/celebrate.  For some these past few days have been a reunion or… renewal of faith.  It can be interesting to see the events we may pull to us to have these moments.  Powerful energy punches can be felt and experienced in 111+ ways…

And often I notice it in the simple:  Updated profile pics, people making videos (who might not have before) or taking any step that one has entertained yet hasn’t done yet.  It is your time!  It’s a feeling of… automatic and, why the heck not.  Like, what does one have to loose….?  Ah, nothing and oh so much to share/possibly gain.  And new incite/inspiration/motivation can come out of nowhere.  Grab it and go/create!  I am feeling that we’re not out of this energy as it may roll/flow for quite a ride.  Enjoy as this is what we’ve been working for/on/towards.

For me, last night was a light night of sleep.  As if so much was coming online.  And today the anchoring in of whatever good stuff is to unfold…. seems pretty powerful.  An open heart and mind… and possible short and frequent meditation/rest time may assist.  I will say there is an aspect of this energy, if there is anything blocking you, that, too, will be felt or surface.  It may be physical, mental, emotional or a reality/lesson/theme/sign.  Allow and clear/shift.

And surprise truth/information/gifts may also surface.  You can decide if a pause is needed or more journeying/time as there is no rush and so much to possibly discover.  Or you can let go and move on.  I had a meditation where I was visiting in-utero time and other very old, past life states.

I also had a personal a-ha moment over the Father’s day/divine masculine weekend.  Many of us have spent significant amounts of time in a healing journey… as to not pass on patterns/karma.  As I thought of my children/now teens, I realized they knew I would clear/change much.  Yet, can I say that years ago I certainly didn’t know this.  It was a motivating factor in my journey.  To see that they came in with their own issues/agenda/journey… allowing this and being available is a dance.  While often issues/ways that have assisted us in our journey do help others… we’re also constantly invited to remember and assist in new ways.

At times I write on money/abundance/support/wealth… and over the past month I’ve had many moments that the Universe has reminded me.  Moments that I know didn’t have to happen or syncs.  While I can see where one could say, oh but that was small (like a free cup of coffee) or dismiss them (focusing on that big windfall), not for me.  I smile and radiate gratitude.  Spirit is often subtle and simple, kind and right on time.  I am feeling blessed!  You…?

Spirit and I also had a short discussion on some spiritual moments/practices that may (yet don’t) impeded the journey.  It is possible to have another or a way disempower your own process.  This is a time to flourish.

I’ve also slowly been doing some homework on a new topic.  Multiple Personality Disorder which is now known as DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).  It has been a very interesting topic and trying to bridge the medical/mental health perspective with a spiritual… 🙂  It’s been a while but there was the stage on this blog of examining anxiety, depression, suicide, etc.  And taking a fractal self/soul and becoming whole.  So Spirit seems to be upping the ante for me, lol.   This journey can/does have stages of both personal, spiritual and even Galactic anxiety/depression/etc. and they are for a reason.  And, there is another side.  So many of you know how hard it is to heal self – while this will not resonate for all, for some – so imagine a fractal x fractal x fractal personality.  Yet it all comes back to one.  And one feeling safe and supported enough to this, as it is a process.

So… on a lighter note, Car3 was a simple and good movie with a few reminders as well.  Oh how Spirit talks with us through nature, songs, movies, others, our body, food…

Alrighty loves and lights… we’re rockin and rolling into the solstice.  Thanks for reading.  ❤

P.S.  A few more thoughts surfaced so part two here.


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