Spinal Upgrade Update


Many are going through upgrades/processes at this time and this one seems to be what I am experiencing.  While this might not be your particular issue, the general messages may still assist.

I awoke one morning and my lower back felt, tight.  I hadn’t done anything to warrant the symptom but I seem to know to expect the unexpected.  So for a few days it was difficult to bend and oh my, one will realize how much movement/your body does when you’re not at your norm.  It did subside but then seemed to come back…

Round two!  I’d been going slower (honoring), meditating and generally felt in good spirits.  Yet by day three, I was saying, Uncle!  Now, my body seemed to be holding me back.  In the past, lower back issues have been about, support.  One might not realize who they now are/have become.  What, now, supports self and their amazing path that is unfolding?  Remember that this journey is to be with ease… not dis ease.


Over the years I’ve had a variety of physical symptoms/upgrades.  For each, I’ve checked in for guidance and/or knew I wasn’t sick.  And they’ve ranged from a day to… up to two months.  Last summer I wrote several posts as I had a head-to-toe six week period.  I’ve been blessed with good health and came from the framework that a spiritual person didn’t hold dis ease/get sick/had good health.  Oh boy have I been schooled in this awakening/ascending journey.  While not all will have this experience, I share for those who may as there are so many possibilities.  Many did come to clear much and when one is in it, it can feel like forever.

For me, it’s as if the mental, emotional and spiritual work I can do.  When it comes to the physical, I am a bit of a wimp.  While some spiritual teachers know it’s an upgrade and can write on it as the best thing ever

Usually my guidance goes into hush/minimal info mode as it seems to take all of me.  So while I do try to present it in a certain light (aware of the many potential benefits), I’m often experiencing as a human.   And a-ha, that might just be the crux.   We constantly ascend experiences.  And it can take days for the layers to unfold and require much sleep time.

I will also share that a week before this started, I was walking in a store and out of nowhere, a muscle spasm/pulse in my neck.  Zap, ouch and noted!  That one took several days to subside.

It helps though to recognize it for what it is.  Light, knowledge, a higher energy/vibration, dna changes, ascending (even after you thought you’d embodied).  I’ve learned the more one can relax, the easier it goes.  That love opens.  It is a time to go slow and care for self.  Our core is being elevated.  Stretched not strained.  Each cell/vertebra/organ/chakra, etc. holds information.  Labeling it as pain/illness often = fear.  Fear can block/hinder.  Yet it can be a part of the process.  Pain/fear can assist in releasing… or reeducating.

It can be an invitation to click into overthinking, start googleing, etc.  Both for medical and spiritual perspectives and then times of not finding anything that resonates.  Having a former career in medical, I do often like to blend and bridge the two realities.  So even these moments serve.  Maybe one comes from a long line of worried well, or clearing much dis ease… or a newbie to this part or… gladly playing this role here and now.

And, so does just… letting go!  Trusting and choosing your vibration.  Remembering that there is nothing wrong.

It can also become an opportunity as you may hear/witness concern from friends/family – asking if you’ve been to the doctor.  I don’t think medical schools are teaching on ascension/supportive care yet… and not all holistic docs acknowledge either.  I do say, when in doubt or if you’re concerned, please do go to the doctor/healer.  It may just take a lot of worry out of the situation… and/or be a great opportunity for you to share your light with others as you also receive care.  And it might be something that does need (modern) medicine.  Trust that I go when I feel it’s needed.  AND, hey, maybe it’s time we do start awakening/bringing to light/planting seeds to the medical care providers we see.

So during round one I was acknowledging it was releasing old patterns of thinking/being.  Yup, even more.  It can feel physical/emotional/uncomfortable as one purges, shifts/makes room/clears a space.

And thank you soul siStar for this reminder:


Then knowing that round two was a new pillar/column/backbone of light was in place.  As I gingerly walked… ah, yes we do travel light and often walk (and float) softly/humbly.

So, what helps?  Epson salt baths, possibly massage… and, time!!  Listening to your body like you have never before.  Showing it is  #1.

One may ask to be shown in meditation what is happening in their body (remain open as this might not be what one would expect).  Possibly a spot one needed to get to.  A sacred moment of union; a soul sync.  A total acceptance moment … of who and where we are… and that all is okay.  In this, allowing comes.  Often we do place the carts before the horse.  Know that time with self is sacred… and there will be plenty of other community/service moments, too.

One may also note the symptoms.  For me, limited range of motion, not flexible.  Again, discern or let go as needed (it doesn’t have to be a mirror/lesson).  And know that the other side of this is coming.  Fluidity!

Well (yes)… I think this is more than enough for now (I can feel us moving along).  So, know that the Universe has our back.  I’ve been reminded daily/seen signs that all is so very well and feel supported as we/our body catches up to this energy.  Releasing/anchoring/changing/evolving and it can feel like whiplash…. yet at this point we’re more soul/spirit/able to shift.  Stay high my loves and lights – we’ve had starbursts these past two days to assist.  The future is not to be backbreaking.




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