Heart breaking moments…??


The energy has been amazing and special and flowing.  Ears ringing often, too.  I will though share a moment as it seemed to also repeat it’s self (in another way) the following day.

So while I had this writing tucked to the side, it did seem to be a hint, hint to share.

A theme of… NO.  Yet I didn’t realize it till the end of the day.  While we’re connected 24/7, I try to meditate in some form or fashion each morning and evening.  A time to slow everything down.  To listen to the silence/soul/spirit and at times to review, ponder, discern and remember/realize.

I’d had a fairly busy and good day.  The no’s I heard didn’t even affect me. Yet in meditation as I realized how many I’d heard, I could feel a tear well up.  (Like aren’t we in a time of, YES!)  Tears are a wonderful way to release, open one’s heart and allow Spirit to assist.  Yet I seemed to chuckle – I didn’t need a cry as my/our heart was and is wide open.

We’ve changed so freakin much!  While we’re flexible, we don’t compromise now when it comes to issues of freedom, ease, joy, love… and, several other things. The no’s though are reminding and still shaping us.  And if you are like me, a no is not new to you 😊  In Mastery we move along.

This journey for me has been about flipping things around so I was now seeing the no as, on.  To continue on.  Now, and tomorrow will be another beautiful day.  What is meant to be will sync up in time/ways.  And as I pondered on the situations, I could see it wasn’t about what presented yet something, deeper.  Oh so grateful and from these realizations, can move forward anew.  No = a new beginning.  Blessed are we to have the no’s.  And all of this seems on time/in alignment for a new moon.

One may encounter closed heart/door moments… so seeing/feeling this.  Yet now, how we respond… can be very different.






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