Seeing… things…??


The veils have been so thin.  Seeing… the unseen.  Those split seconds… and you know.   

I feel as if 2017 has not been what I thought.  Often a time of personal and profound work/adjustments/revelations.  Yup… even more.  Yet I can look back again now and see this process, that has taken years, makes perfect sense.

There’s been a peace/piece these past two weeks.  It also often feels comforting/special/sublime.  While on a level I could say not much is happening, on others… a lot.  And, after two weeks, my back seems to be on the mend/much better.  Yes, we continue to be at different places/experiencing different processes yet all working together.

So one may be seeing, often enough in a blink, the energy of another reality.  And we need this vision to assist us in the here and now.  It’s as if a merge of our third eye vision with our reality.


I’ve also been prompted to mention that a soul will often wish to experience certain lessons/emotions/realities.  As if they are all neutral/good on another side.  These two words – frustration and shame – came to the forefront yet… I also look at the antonyms.  We do experience, then have enough/realize… and heal/alchemize.  If one notices an undercurrent/theme, often looking up the word (even though we think we know what it means), can bring additional a-ha’s.  For frustration, this wiki post may also assist.

And for shame… well the word play of, from a walk/moment of shame to, a hall of fame.


As far as an energy update… well… flow with this energy.  I’ll write more as I can and, thank you for reading.  ❤



(All pics found online, some tagged)


5 comments on “Seeing… things…??

  1. I wonder if anyone is aware that the veil isn’t meant to be this thing? It’s not a good thing and the ones who have manipulated it to be so don’t have our best interest at heart.

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    • Oh Gary! Great to hear from you! I love the sharing/your thoughts, too! I write what makes me happy and have found a word can mean different things to different people. In heart space… ❤ ((Hug))

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  2. Thanks for following the prompt to write about frustration and shame.
    Shame (and panic) came up for me big time today. I knew the universe would send me a soothing message afterwards. And I found it in your post. I love how these synchronicities work. Gives me hope that I will always be taken care of. Hugs.

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