Your POWer


(Photo credit as I took two pics found online and placed them together; 1st photo by Noah Silliman.)

I think the 4th of July vibe is here.  Pow!  The next 9 days or so may be quite energetic as I could feel through 7/7.  So what does this mean…? 

For some, they are so happy/satisfied/at peace… and will be chillin/savoring/enjoying.  Some will be receiving upgrades and self-care/love/patience/allowing helps.  And some will be riding the bliss plane; enjoy.

Often in this journey, clean slate moments come.  As if the next inning is getting ready to start.  Batter UP!  We’ve been practicing and playing… and getting closer and closer to what we desire and the Universe has and will continue to support.  For me, many moments I am so grateful for!

I’ve had a few interactions in the past few days that I’ve found myself smiling at… as I seem to remember the old me and how they might have frustrated me.  The other side of frustration is, a smile.

And I had a visit/message from Frank Sinatra… in the shower, lol.  Singing… I’ll do it my way.  The gist of the message to relay:  When others don’t see you for who you are… or what you (can) do/give… or, give what (you may think) you need/desire… well, it’s time to remember, why.  While we do give our super powers away… we don’t… (make sense?).

In this journey there are countless moments of discernment or what might seem like waiting or, a lead/path/relationship that might not be what one hoped/thought.  Everything is for a reason though and so much is still to unfold – in divine time.  Really we’re allowing our self to catch up… to be ready, willing and able to… just do it!  That home run/Mastery/whatever we came here to do, and rooted in our authentic self and unique ways.

We had a starburst today and if you feel them (that floatie, bliss feeling)… often one will just enjoy.  Yet notice/observe what comes into your energy… and how you respond as it’s hard to be serious.  And this is the point from Spirit.  We do take a lot of things too serious.  We are to be kind, generous, supportive, maybe even drunk in love (oh both a song and a story here, maybe later) … this is our nature.  The starburst though do wear off and then if one can remember to maintain (even a fraction) of that state of being.  Another way to think on this is to remind self, what would my higher/happier/future self do??

Okay… well, enough for now.  Not sure if I’ll be back on here in five minutes or days.  Thank you for reading and Happy 4th of July (in America).  A day of independence and celebration of freedom.   ❤

8 comments on “Your POWer

  1. Holy bleep! The past few weeks have been 100% about “my way”. My kid told me the other day he was listening to Frank Sinatra. Then he started singing My Way. I just creative massive healing all about my not being allowed to have personal boundaries (from childhood). (All about “my way”). And absorbed and transmuted a bunch of shit along the same theme, from house guests that were here for ten days (initially not with my blessing or desire). By the time they left, I found space in my heart for each of them – although they won’t be staying here again. The ride went very deep indeed over the past two weeks – because I allowed like a mo-fo. Company only left yesterday, so the big processing is getting rolling today. Ugh. Thank you for your perspective. I always find it valuable!

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  2. I am observing others around me seeming to not know where to turn. I try my best to be there with a suggestion, a listening ear and hopefully a calming presence. I have been having to take more quiet time for me. With all the external “noise”, going inward is my saving grace. A couple of days ago I reached out to someone I have not spoken to in years but have been feeling the call to do so. Though I may or may not get a response it almost feels like that was not necessarily the needed outcome. More of an energetic bridge. Thank you Molly for all you do. You always bring comfort to my soul.

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    • Durinda! I loved your last post… and you!! Thank you so much for sharing here, too! BIG hug. All of this sounds oh so perfect and right on and you know this 🙂 This is an interesting and amazing time; kinda exciting. ❤


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