Transcending the emPATH


I seem to be in one of those moments… realizing that all of the work we’ve been doing for months now… heck, years/our whole life… has gotten us to this moment.  While we’ve been working on certain levels, much deeper levels were also being worked on and, now brought to light.  It simply is, who we are.  It can feel like night and day or as a flip of a switch or, that it’s all caught up/been returned. 

I ❤ these moments!!   Yet, then it’s not long and on to the next round of “work”.  So for now I am savoring… and this seemed to be one of many a-ha’s/new knowing’s.

Many resonate with being an empath.  I have before I even knew of the word.  When a friend said it to me one day and then I spent some time reading up on it… oh what relief/confirmation.  I grew up thinking everyone was, and it often lead to moments of confusion.  And it can be said that it is a blessing and a curse.  Some time ago I realized it was only a blessing yet didn’t quite realize it can be part of the process and journey.  We do often wear our heart on our sleeve.

It does greatly assist us in many ways.  In reading energy, in connecting/understanding others, and in clearing much.  One though can be held or even feel stuck or even… debilitated by this gift since there is so much heavy/dense energy.  It can spark anxiety and one may find that they don’t wish to be social/around certain people or places.  And yes, an empath can pick up on the joy side of the energy, too.

It may take one years or lifetimes to transcend the empath aspect.  It is what we came to experience.  And it’s not that it goes away, just used/needed significantly less.  To be able to walk into about any situation as your higher self.  BLISS!  (For me, couldn’t start here, had to get here.)

While I could go on/light encoded… the energy is moving me along to the next.  Feel free to comment/share/question… as we are better together.  In ❤ and gratitude.



(All pics found online, some tagged)

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