See/Sea/C …


What you do next.¬†ūüėä

I often cross this bridge as a driver.¬† Yesterday though as a passenger… and the Universe didn’t disappoint.¬† I seemed to melt in the moment.

And I had several¬†gifts… one of them being, time.¬† Oh how I do love these moments.¬† The ability to do anything… yet what would I choose?¬†¬† Well, if your reading… lol.

I’d finished a notebook and went back and re-read.¬† I often mention the incite that comes as I do this frequently… frequency¬†on a new level.¬† I have notebooks from years ago – messages from Spirit, then clearing “workbooks” and the last few are a mix of much.¬† Messages, signs and often though – reality… like, what’s for dinner, dentist appointment, upcoming birthdays, etc.

I pondered for a moment on stages I’ve experienced in this journey:

  • stage of getting messages
  • of practice and connecting in many ways/levels
  • of activations, healing and digging deep… and soaring high
  • of experiences and to dream and… live
  • of having little/different energy (yet this past year the return, a wave will return one to the shore)
  • of knowing to wait and allow it all to catch up and… other as it arose.¬† Ha…¬†as there’s been a lot of other.

And not that it was necessarily in this order or compartmentalized.

Some of the experiences this year have reminded me of how protected/removed one is at times in this journey.¬† One could say some trivial/3D stuff this year…. like, is this a test?¬† Nope – all part of the journey.¬† Get er done, move along while often finding ways to expand/elevate the situations.

Okay… so going to note some, random.. and pauses/a deeper or longer breath¬†between each may assist as several topics/shifts:

Loss of a loved one.¬† We mourn as they gave our life purpose/meaning and it is a hole… to allow/feel/heal/fill or grow into.

And… what if we live an entire life for … a moment.

Spirit was asking… What is trust?¬† In the moment, it wasn’t so much about the answer but why the question arose.

One may find themselves asking, what is the missing piece/peace?¬† Well… to be… (and often this would be grateful… knowing…) or, to get back on track to attract what you wish.¬† We’ve been working with themes of, choices.

And a¬†theme of bugs … and can you make peace/receive medicine from “bugs”!¬† Ahhh…

And if it doesn’t bring you joy, one’s body may shut or slow you down.¬† Listen.¬† While often it may be an upgrade, trust that you asked for it in some¬†way.

That often we rush to heal/resolve… when we need to allow and give space for union/understanding/closure to happen.¬† It may unfold over days/weeks/years verses hours and, include others.

We are/have been alchemizing in advance.  Often we are foretold of possible future events.  Spirit wishes for us to experience as who we now are verse the high/lows/shock that can put one in a different state of being (and then later to reclaim that aspect/work through in our body).

A breath and a¬†perspective/message:¬† When one places all of them self into their identity… and possibly wrapped around the wrong thing/identity… a crash/depression/frustration/disappointment moment may come.¬† Breaking of that false self/identity – in the way of, not being so invested or have/has to be… so one can truly know who one is.¬† Often it does comes in moments and time.¬† The same can be said about tasks.¬† A task is just a task, yet we take/make many of them, personal.¬† We invest our worthiness into their success… or failure when this is not the case (from Spirit’s perspective).

A few months ago, I seemed to naturally released from certain levels of Galactic work… and have realized again, I’ve stepped down/different in grace and knowing.¬†¬†I smile seeing how well planned this larger process/journey is.¬† So one may now find themselves… as if what was a “higher” timeline is now a “lower”/different one.¬† Interesting indeed¬†and I am smiling.¬† In many ways, this journey has come full circle.

And one may need a moment where they pull their energy back.¬† It’s like cord cutting, yet it can be galactic – remaining present in a chosen reality.¬† So one may even feel this adjustment.

For me/many, online activity has been a great way to express, create, share and connect… yet I’ve been having some simple and profound real world experiences.¬† In some ways a shift yet this is how it has been for me most of my journey.¬† And there is something to be said about simple… as it is where Spirit lives (the Christ who lives).

We’ve worked on¬†a variety of topics¬†via this/many blog/sites.¬† Up, down, rinse and repeat and often carrying themes through several post.¬† While often we do receive the highest message/outcome possible, I was reminded that often we need to clear the lower experiences/message first and then come back around for a higher one.¬† It can benefit, all.¬† I do so thank many of you who have shared this experience with me.

I will also say that I’ve been blessed with signs – days of seeing sun halos and rainbows.¬† All is well.¬† So… let’s see what we’ll do next.¬† I’d bet it will be divine… and perfect!¬† Our thoughts/energy/response can change any situation.¬† ‚̧

And see, got that final C in…


P.S.¬† In America, Happy 4th of July!¬† From sea to shinning seaahhh… the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse – 8/21/17.

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