Your Greatness


It’s been a while since I’ve received messages on, greatness.  They were some of the first channeled messages I received and it was during a time when all was not so great.  Yet, I noted and was changed from them.  It’s a word that can represent/mean different things.  From a spiritual perspective, it’s not about power in the form of ego or pride.  It’s often soft/humble and who one naturally is.  It’s also a birthright and destiny. 

In this journey, one will experience, much.  We’ve been busy this year/s… upgrading, clearing, remembering, connecting, serving… and LIVING!  And there are times of simple… small… possibly low desire or confusion/not knowing what to do… or the peace and happiness of just being!!  Bliss.

Which seemed to be the case for me as I drifted into lawn mower meditation.  Outdoors in the warm sun, blue skies and surrounded by hundreds of dragonflies.  I was in my happy place.  I was then greeted by an energy.  A visit from, Greatness.

I was reminded that now is the time to, let go of the small stuff.  To include the trivial things we worry on.  To start thinking… BIG… verses playing small.  Well, I smiled.  The old me would have started (over)thinking on, big.  Oh our wonderful mind…   In the moment the more important thing was to just, shift/get in that vibration.  To open one’s heart even more.  To expand and breathe in bigness.

Open your heart to greatness.

So one could say this is a time to be open (to signs/messages), to meditate and dream on greatness… to remember why you came here.  And then to take action – possibly what one would consider bold or stepping outside their comfort zone; no hiding.


It may be the time to make an intention/goal/plan and then, make it happen.  It’s not our place to worry (about the fine details).  The Universe has us.  Step UP and so will the Universe.  In many ways, the work has been done.  We’ve been doing it for some time – seeds planted, bread crumbs shared and oh the practicing.  Now, just keep your vibe HIGH.  And while this seems easy and obvious it might not be possible if one is doing, or in a process they need to be in – honor this.

The message seemed to fit as I’d recently noted:  Life is… good.


And, well, that’s better than, okay.  And usually good is good enough.  Yet… what about over the top, ecstatic, hell ya life is awesome… grand!!  Hmm.  Are we ready?  Well, I’d also noted (and not that this is important as we’re always doing the best we can and needed, just that one might resonate with one of these possible steps):

  • Mentally and emotionally well.  No drama/victim/lack mentality.
  • Physically healthy and appropriately strong – balance and flow of the feminine and masculine energy.
  • Spiritually grounded, connected… and full of love and light.
  • Personality back – out of the box, zippy and, kind and laughing often.
  • Energy restored… ahhh.  (This has been a big one this year as there are times we’re wiped out.)

Can I just say it has taken what seems like many falls from grace … and knowing, yet to come back around.  One has to be ready on many levels… and it takes time.

I think we’ve been working on this greatness theme for a few weeks/posts now (yet might not have realized).  Step by step.

So say… YES!  Scream it, teehee.  Yes to your open heart… a high vibe… and to your greatness.  Yes to being guided or even better, to it naturally and magically just showing UP.  I will though add that at times it comes in a bit of a different form than one might have thought.  No problem since average conforms, greatness transforms.  ❤

Thanks for reading… and in closing, will pass along this youtube:


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    Please remember your greatness. This is why we’ve done the work. It’s who we are. It is time now and always to be, this. So… pretty please, please, please… (Don’t even need to read the post, just remember) 🙂 (( ❤ ))

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