leave me the Namesta alone


There are times in this journey it’s a challenge to express and describe exactly what’s happening within you and what you’re experiencing.  And often, even to those who are in your spiritual circle, closest friends and family members.  At times we keep quiet/more to ourselves as we process… knowing we’ll get to a place of understanding and relaying.  Yet at times, moments come where the two collide.  Another seems to need an understanding (or something) in the exact moment you need time/space – as it is that intense.  Well, this is a journey of enlightenment, love and transcending for all.  Many of us are not in the hermit/monk lifetime now.  We are front and center… where or whoever that might entail. 

The energies the past few days seem to be ramping up/accelerating again as time also seems to be flying.  In 2016, I often felt moments of acceleration and then time slowing way down – good fun and interesting study!  There are also those times when one is in a bubble working away on a theme/(collective) clearing/in their joy/service/etc. and it’s supported.  Yet… what happens when two worlds… very different energies or realities collide…?  Well… mountains may form which means new terrain to explore!

And another symbolic way to ponder on it…


So one may have already had these moments and, possibly more to come.  The energies and experiences- the word choice of palpable is becoming even more palpable – will continue.  And so will our realities.  Combine the two and it can feel overwhelming… and this might be the point.  To find a new way to do this.  Creating your own harmonious Universe.

So how does one now respond?  We are different in each new moment.  It may feel that it’s about choices/priorities/boundaries yet… more a mix/blend of it all.  Finding a quieter moment to discuss/relay what you can, may give others a heads up.  It’s okay to ask for this love and support.  If living or spending time together, make a hand sign that means you just can’t find the words and need a bit of time/space as often we can reset ourselves rather quickly.

Then there are the deep emotional healing moments… and physical upgrades that can take days/weeks and if you have an active family, this will require a bit more understanding/assistance for all.  Remember that they did choice you/this experience.  Often others just need to know that you and they are okay – dual comforting.

There’s also a possible issue of one learning to trust even more/come out of the spiritual closet/feel comfortable in your skin/allowing… others into your energy and process.

And only you know how to comfort self… yet if you haven’t learned how to do this, what a great moment/time indeed.  Learning to self-sooth/care/love is a big part of this journey.

You are not alone.  You may wish some time to be alone or do some of these experiences in privacy…  yet more than you may realize others wish to assist and surround you now during this magical time.  Empower/guide/teach them how to.  ❤



And ha, look what I found:


4 comments on “leave me the Namesta alone

  1. A ha! This is perfect/beautifully written, and timely as well!!
    Big Love and Hugs as we ALL continue this MIRACULOUS JOURNEY!!
    Onwards and Upwards ⬆️💟🆙

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