Weekend wrap-up


Thunder Full Moon + geostorms + electron flux’s + starbursts + ________ (possible multiple fill in the blanks) =

Well… that’s for you to decide.  While a lot is going on, I sit here this evening typing and smiling.  In such a state of gratitude and peace.  Almost a reflective mode… again.  So many moments, milestones… experiences!  Full Moons often bring clarity…

And that does seem to be the case.  I am also seeing many connections (these past few weeks).  I can remember years ago – that lonely stage when you have to find your kind/tribe.  OMG… there are thousands of us!!  And we’re all working together, walkin each other, home.

There are so many ways to describe the possibilities of NOW… what one may be experiencing.  Honestly, it depends upon your makeup/place/time in your amazing journey.  Many are writing so one may find much that resonates.

I will say that this has been a journey of HEALING and I literally just read these words on one of Dayna’s blogs, too.

Every moment is REAL and serves a purpose yet we can and do change/shift at times dramatically.  There has been (for some) a change in our roles/purpose/mission.  It’s as if I can see these night/dream-time meetings.  Oh I now want to…/new roles assigned, etc.  We awake anew each day.  And often it’s just a choice or automatic.  What feels right in our heart.

I started this blog yet not even knowing.  I was encouraged to and did have much my mind and heart wished to share.  I overcame fears!!  And found a soul group.  And expanded more than I could have ever imagined.  Many of us spiritually blossomed together.  So for sometime it was a lifeline and purpose.  I knew… and then could see.  2017 has been a bit of a different shift, yet for me, ever since my awakening in 2012, it’s been nothing but shifts.  Slowly this year living even more and that blogging was not necessarily the priority – although I’ve found myself often right back here.

I reflect on what got me to now.  Years of living a spiritual life in my own ways and knowing.  Moments.  Yet living a very busy 3D life.  So a spiritual interest where a seeker/fan/follower was born… reader of much and often reaching out.  And then as if on cue, an awakening happens and the energy pours through… yet often you can’t articulate the words.  One is often taken out of their wheelhouse/comfort zone.  A new passion and purpose is born… and for me it was an undefined stage.  I do see many in this stage now – joy.  Awakening can be a moment or last for years!  Awakening seemed to then land me into ascending… and descending that often I didn’t understand… until that process, too, seemed to complete (and yes, this is just a perspective).

I seemed to notice a pattern of weeks/months of very challenging spiritual work… yet in return a gift that awakened.  I’d have no idea of the amount one can heal/clear/purge.  I could also say change yet somewhere in me, I knew this.

So I now take with me wherever I go all that I’ve experienced.  The 3D, the galactic, the angelic and elemental… the simple and the detail.  The human, the teacher/healer/writer, the ancient and the now.  The mother, the lover, the lightworker, the Ascended Master…. the happy and divine!

And I will say, this journey can take one on a roller coaster ride but there is something to say about landing in stability and consistency.  Others on this earth plane need this… and us to be here now.


From my heart space… to yours.  ❤


(All pics found online)


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