Soul Aspects or DID…??


(12/7/17:  I went to find this post that I wrote five months ago and saw that I never published it.  Rolling it out now and tagging to an upcoming post.)

Weeks ago a topic came up in the journey:  Multiple Personality Disorder… or what is now called, DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder.  While this blog has touched on mental heath issues in the past such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts… DID seemed to up the ante.

(Interesting though as the topic has come up in past moments… unique and random so then, I let go.)

Often what I write is a mix of experience/observation, messages from Spirit and homework.  It’s just a perspective.  It doesn’t have to be, truth.  So for this topic, I  did  some online homework and was then guided to a 300 page book.  Reading this book hardly makes me an expert… and neither does a former education and career… or even the guidance from Spirit – always take what serves/resonates.

At first, I thought this would be a topic that needed a bridge or middle ground.  I’ve found this often in topics of mental health and science.  Many of the spiritually awakening/teachers/writers/healers have come now to be pioneers/trailblazers and to bringing two (or more) extremes/worlds together.  Often in researching, I find those extremes.  Either all science perspective (that often make my head spin) or all Spirit (simple, easy, love).  My mind likes a mix… yet, I try to keep it simple, too.

I will say that DID is not what the mainstream thinks.  And may be more prevalent than one thinks.  What’s portrayed on tv is the most extreme and really a disservice to the diagnosis.  And often those who are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc. may actually have DID.  Like autism, it can fall on a spectrum… and, it can be healed.

So what fascinated my mind was, the treatment for DID is… the same as I’d experienced in the past 5 years of the journey.  Getting to root issues (verses ignoring/dismissing/compensating/numbing) and allowing… and healing.  To take a fractal self/soul and make it whole.  To unify.  To allow issues/aspects/personalities to surface, one at a time (and often not what one would expect).  To listen and work with and then, to integrate (or allow it to mature/fade/even disappear).  Often in the book, words choices were the same although the perspective at times was quite different.

The timing was also interesting as I’d been pondering…  what if our amazing body does know how to heal itself?  But of course!  And what if it’s not so much a Galactic thing?  A very natural process if one would just… allow.  While it can be a spiritual process, it can also be found in counseling or other ways.  In my opinion, counseling can greatly assist one… or, possibly mislabel or stall healing – the counselor/connection/understanding/process is important.  And at times, the only one who can assist you is, you.

Allowing though can be a challenge in our fast paced, overstimulated world… and body.  And learning how to in the quieter moments that are often few and far between.  One does need the gift of time and patience.  And to be in a safe, stable and supportive place in one’s life – this alone is a gift.  (Often we are yet might not even realize.)

I was also pondering on… while there are many knowing (and curious) souls, many on the more advanced/in depth spiritual path have come from a (life of) painful/traumatic experience(s)… to possibly include early childhood abuse – before one even knows how to put words/understanding to events yet, the body remembers.  Those who’ve had less of these experiences/imprints don’t seem to necessarily need the depth/answers/study/understanding yet still follow/offer/experience spirituality in their own wonderful way.

I can also see that one might not like a label of DID… or that DID is a 3D perspective.  Really, who cares – one doesn’t need to get so technical.  If healing/the work has made one a better person… no label can stick/affect you.  Many on the spiritual path do openly write about a mental health diagnosis they feel and live… amazing and all moments/paths serve.

The book did address past-lives, aliens, near death experiences and automatic writing in the last chapter and, the perspective was interesting/not what I expected.  There are so many ways/truths.  (Out of body experiences was also mentioned earlier.)

Altered states – whether in meditation or dissociation – can assist one to cope/survive in a challenging/overwhelming situation or even receive guidance that seems before/wiser than where they are now.  This can become a journey of taking one’s life back.  To get in alignment.  Often one will start a journey just by asking the simple questions of, who am I?  What is my real purpose?  Getting in touch with their identity, deeper parts of themselves and often finding/shedding false self’s.  One’s brain though may be/get stuck – possibly seeing now events as a threat when, they are not.  They can become windows though, into the initial wound.  This is about revealing and illuminating… and often can’t be rushed.  To relax a hyper vigilant response/mind/body.

For me, how the topic presented more recently and then what blossomed became two very different things; an expansion.  My role for now is just to share and one can decide if more discernment/reading/homework is needed.  If one has an interest on the topic, the book (or another) may answer many questions.  I did find a balance/happy space where all of this settled for now and until next time (although I was tempted to write a part two to this post, lol).  One could say that it’s, both… or neither (not needing a label).  A step in the journey.  For me, simply… it’s about understanding and healing and that = love.

Thanks for reading.  ❤

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