Resistance is futile


I had to look back at my notes for the past three weeks to appreciate… now.  I guess you could say I even had a moment of funk/doubt.  Like… what is happening?  I know yet…  So for years now writing has been my way to find/share clarity. 

For a week now, my body has slowly and in stages been processing the latest energy.  My guidance (hearing the words) has been quieter yet I know this is the case for me when I am experiencing more of the physical.  The good news is, I do feel good – last summer was a doozy!  I’ve needed more rest/sleep and moments of time/space/silence/no outside energy.  The mind, heart, ears, inner sensations, etc. moments I often mention do also continue.

As I reviewed my notes I could see the recent work/progress… and letting go!!  Another layer.  And many small a-ha’s and divine wisdom, too.

I am aware that I’ve come to an even more peaceful place of not publically writing/keeping up this blog, as if it was a stage (and already in the past).  That the work had been done.  2017 has been more of a personal year (for me and as guided by Spirit) verses constant collective clearing/gatework/being in service in other ways.  And I’d noticed that the group I was carrying has seemed to fade and fan out (as it should).  This isn’t about numbers…  It is about human connection/stories/potential/being available/love.  A process and I am honored at those who now do check-in/read/share.  Truly humbling as there are many who write.  And, I seem to continue (lol) for a variety of reason and from a place of love and deep appreciation for the journey.

Several days ago I’d noted to just, stay in joy… and this sounds obvious and simple – our vibration at this time is important.  Maybe too simple though when one has been for years digging deep (and soaring high), and sweeping broad.  In some ways, this time now felt like another descension… yet I didn’t even realize.  Fully back (in 3D) yet holding a vibration of all that we’ve experienced.  For the most part, it is peace… ahhh.  (Compare to often one will feel out of sorts/growing pains/wtf??)  Nope, breathing and living peace and ease.  One may though also notice/feel some pressure in a/your reality.  We don’t respond in the old ways, we flow anew.  It’s also been a good time to reflect and question some spiritual beliefs/ways… particularly my own.  And during this time one may find their greatest joy not on a “spiritual” path/way per say.  Magic can happen anytime/where!

Yet interesting, even after all that we’ve acknowledged and cleared (and being in joy and peace), another layer of heavier knowing seemed to lay on my heart this mourning… and it’s a gift for me to offer up to the Universe.  We do seem to be clearing/letting go (aGAIN) right before we go through this next gate; no weight/wait and to travel light.  I’ve been working with a few issues in a new way these past few months.  When my journey started years ago, often there were answers/solutions if I’d just get calm enough to see the higher plan.  More recently there is just this need to acknowledge and to be aware of certain dynamics.  To surrender… as if now is not the time to act… (or it’s up to me to try/change/use free will).  Oh choices continue to be important.

In the bigger picture, we’ve had some rather significant energy pouring in to support this latest wave/time and I’ve been observing it play out in many ways.  I’ve seen some whoa’s/shifts/surprises in some spiritual circles and the ripples.  All good.  I also seem to be reminded of a truth that works for me, as at times much crosses my/our path.  If it’s labeled (spiritually) urgent, it’s not.  (The urgent usually is labeled in other ways.)  And if I am warned of how busy another is, I know we’re not on the same wavelength at this time.  Yes, the energy may feel urgent and it’s very easy to become busy (happens to me too) yet for me Spirit is about ease, simplicity and flowing.  And there is always time, honoring and a way.  We literally make time.

Some have/are listening to/soothing/maturing the inner child (yes, whichever one has now surfaced) in a new way.  Of looking at judgements.  And remembering/expressing gratitude… ❤  It can also be a time of, clean slate and fresh starts… often!

Some are now writing on (the 8/8 Lion’s Gate and) the TSE – 8/21/17.  In moments, this does seem to be the next biggie yet isn’t there always… 🙂  The Universe will provide however much one needs to feel supported, whole and loved.  Experiences over and over again.  So… how do you wish to experience your next??

As for me I seem to be connecting to both the crystal grid and… very much my reality as I am (we are) creating it.  I seem to be aligning even more to consistency, peace and joy… as this journey has leveled out significantly.  I know who I am yet the process (and those moments when one is not quite themselves) seem to continue and often need time to catch up.  I do know it serves a purpose and yes, patience of a Saint we have.

Well, I think this is a good enough summary for now.  I seem to know that I could have taken another perspective on these past few weeks, yet this one seems to serve in this moment.  There has been a healing energy in the sky the past two days.  And we’re going into a time of mystery, magic and miracles.  Are you ready?

We’ve been gifted this time… and our own journey.  Stay in your JOY/process/knowing.  It’s the piece/peace that’s also your contribution to the whole.  ❤

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