Eclipsing Self


I had a series of dreams and the theme was…


I chuckled not even realizing I was in my own way.  Oh how we can start fresh in each moment, let go and continue to smile, breathe… and move forward.  Trust that Spirit has better plans.

This also tied into a theme that’s now seems complete for me (in ways and therefor I let go/move along) – the upcoming 8/21/17 Total Solar Eclipse here in the US.  I’ve been spirit guided and excited about this event all year.  More recently I’d been thinking on the word… both a noun and verb…


I’d come to the word choice of… when one eclipses self.  Ahh…   Two celestial bodies that provided enormous light yet when aligned, one darkens the other.  Yet, just for that brief moment as it doesn’t stop.  It does though provide a unique and spectacular view.

It can also be viewed of as a shadow or even, mirror.


Yet we don’t stop/stay in a shadow.  And at times our shadow can seem bigger or even scary than it is, lol.

The total solar eclipse can be a symbol for a (diamond) ring, crown or totality.  A path/way that unfolds in phases in both light and darkness.


And to possibly see what one has now grown into.  Some are labeling it as a once in a lifetime experience… yet… isn’t each moment?  For many, they’ll just naturally be or travel to the path.  Interesting as it will sweep through the “middle” of the USA.  Some see the symbolism (on may levels) … to possibly include turning inward and knowing.  I was told weeks ago that all the points along the path has been well prepared/secured/will be represented by lightworkers – as we all are.  Oh the energy exchanges!  Trust though that we’re right where we are/need to be… and that might not be physically in the path per say (yet we are 🙂

(As a side note I’ll mention often it’s not about what we attach our self to.  The person/place/thing is there to teach us.  I seem to be leaving out some of the more galactic -or even healing- messages yet they’re always available for one to discern/receive as needed.)

I will though mention, many are in another significant upgrade yet it’s so subtle one may have no clue.  All is well.  One doesn’t need to make/create issues where there simply are not.

Several days ago I received this message:  You have been, and will be, given boxes… gifts… it’s your role to unpack and use (or not) what’s been given.  We suggest that you think outside the box. 

So, let’s circle back around.  Remembering all that we’ve experienced and are.  Balance, peace, love, ease and grace.  Creating and allowing… and…

and possibly even laughing at self!

Now is a time to let your Spirit soar!  Calm your mind.  Open your heart.  To be who you are.  To do what makes you happy.  We just don’t have or make time for anything less than our true hearts desires.  Don’t be afraid to eclipse self… and to shine on in your own unique and beautiful way.  It is why you are here and sooo needed.


(All pics found online, many tagged, 1st one beautiful artwork by Julia Watkins) 


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