It’s been HOT here… and for many reasons.  The heat’s been on with many 90 – 100+ degree days.  Yes – also think symbolic.  Today though was cooler and I was able to sit outside in the sun without it becoming an instant sauna experience, lol.  So just a few thoughts to share.  Yesterday…

I felt so open, alive, feeling everything and full of gratitude and love.  While this is who we are… there are moments where one notices it more.  Spirit filled.

I’ve been feeling really good which makes me realize that these past (two yet longer) years and the body work that has been done… whooooooooo.  Some may never experience or say that it’s spiritual.  And some may go through this stage for a decade or longer.  It does seem to literally suck the life out of you.  Your old life that is.

(I will share that I had a stage where literally taking a shower seemed to be the goal for the day.  What had happened to the marathon runner -in many ways- woman that I was?  My to-do list went form 111 things to just the basics as Spirit had other plans.  It was supported and actually much did happen and life and all adjusted.  ❤  This journey can have a time of breaking everything down… and in more ways than one.  I’ve also noticed the stage of when I went out in public, the clearer role – and coming home and it would take a few hours to bounce back.  Now though, that too has faded – yippee!)  In each of these stages, we’re taught much!

So our bodies are and will continue to adjust to this new energy, too.  Be patient with self… and your mind.  There are still many things to see/remember as our mind/body relaxes.  The shifts are often now and subtle… with a few bigger ones also bubbling up.  One may be feeling in lower back, spine, throat, mind, heart, etc.  R-e-l-a-x… breathe, allow.  And possibly even a lower body/timeline/old ways, drop!

Many have caught up and synced with their future self.  Oh this is a big deal yet many might not realize yet – maybe with this upcoming lion’s 8/8 gate.

Remember that we can re-write and reframe in an instant.  If one is feeling stuck, you may need to remind self to allow and love… and shift into the joy/gratitude vibe.  Yet this can’t be faked/forced – trust your process.

We’ve been cleared/wiped and are being primed and poised… for a great new life and reality.  (Yet isn’t that, now…?)  The moments in between are for us to live and enjoy or… labor… as both serve a purpose.  At times Spirit assists with reality checks yet one can also do this – make some time for self… and know, all is well!  Making peace with all that is… and truly appreciating and savoring.

So sending out love.  That’s all that’s left.  Thanks for reading.



Addendum:  Hope filled/peace/smile on your face, ready to move on and openness.   We have hugs to give and receive, songs to sing and much laughter to share.  Blessed.  Remember??


(beautiful picture found online)

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