Into the mystery


Alrighty kiddos, loves and lights – just a quick check-in.  The theme seems to be, SLEEP!  Dream.  Awake and do what you need to do (and no more) and… repeat!!  The latest energy feels (to me) great… and undefined.  Willingness to let go, be free, unattached, do what’s easy/makes sense and brings you joy.  And possibly waves of physical feeling some adjustments; possibly unlike prior waves you’ve felt/experienced. 

The energy, as it has been, is affecting each differently.  Much may come into your energy yet don’t take it personal/overthink and not all is as urgent as it may present.  You may find that you need to pass on a few things for now.  Another possibility may be anxiety.  If you follow along you know I never had (moments/lessons on) anxiety until my deeper spiritual journey started… like, what is this… and why??  Well, it’s a way and gift!  It may just be a reminder though to keep it simple for a few days as more than we realize is going on in our body and energy field.  So allow this energy/now to do what’s needed.  August is shaping up to be a spectacular month.  ❤

2 comments on “Into the mystery

  1. I couldn’t agree more….On ALL that you’ve shared here!! Especially the anxiety that seems to be surfacing again for me after a rather long hiatus!!
    Exactly “not all is as urgent as it may appear”!! I SO want to engage more in Life/with people, but just seem more at peace in SOLITUDE!
    I think I will go back to SLEEP…
    Thanks Molly! ❤️

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    • Thank you Annette! For over a week now sleep time has been busy downloading/working/dreaming… this one seems a bit longer/deeper/more than other times. And a bit of road anxiety so taking the hint hint as to where I am and am not to be at this time. I do think August/soon will be a very social/living time… for now though, we get our self ready. 🙂 ❤

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