Raised on E.T. yet…

(I wrote this almost 8 months ago yet didn’t publish and dug it up now just to share.)

I still haven’t seen anything like him/her/it, lol.  Nor any aliens or spaceships.  Another was asking me some good questions and must have known what was stirring in me, too.  I’ve been blogging on spiritual matters and awakening for two years now and on occasion say, I don’t do aliens or spacecraft.  Yet… I do believe in and have received messages from Arcturians, etc.  So no wonder it sounded confusing.  Somewhere in my mind it was clear yet maybe not well articulated.   Much had recently surfaced for me and then seemed to compound an awakening that’s been happening for years now… so… I write to clarify/expand and to just offer a perspective… in this moment.  And we all know that can change, lol.  And to each their own, what resonates, since it’s all true.

I, like many, was raised on the movie, E.T. and the cartoon show, Casper the Friendly Ghost as well as seen several Ancient Aliens episodes on TV.  I’ve seen what they’re supposed to look like.


I think this surely would scare some… and might be the point.  This is a journey of releasing much fear and being… open minded.

I do remember in my teen years being able to see/know who were more alien, here and now in human form.  Like it was one of their first lifetimes here and were indeed adjusting.  As if the human body and social mannerisms that are routine to us now, are not so much for them.  I’ve only known a few others who’ve been able to pick up on this, too.  For the most part if I mention it, another doesn’t notice.  It seems so close to my real vision verses 3rd eye vision.  I can also feel it in their aura.  At times I’ve noticed it more in certain locations and/or at certain times.  They seemed to be to be a bit removed/different/in their own energy from the masses.  As if beating to their own drum/code.  They are also friendly/kind… yet because of their social quirks, could cause another to feel uncomfortable or quick to judgment.  I think many will understand that it can be hard to adjust to Earth.

So many years ago, knowing a lot less than I do know, I’d joke, the aliens are out today.  We can be quick to judge/label/separate what we don’t understand.  Yet I was doing the best to my knowing, then.  At some point I realized the reason I can see/sense this is because we are… somewhere/how, the same.  Before I awoke, of course I would have said I was a human.  Now… I know.  I am a mix of this complex multiverse yet have had many lifetimes here.  I am very human… and I am made up of star dust/galaxies… and many soul aspects.  While many others also believe or know this… try explaining it to some…  Many are perfectly happy in their own bubble of knowing and this is how it should be.

In some ways I started my journey talking with departed souls and could describe them.  I could see images of what they looked like.  Then Angels and Masters.  The angels reminded me of childhood images I’d seen.  For the Masters/teachers, I seemed to lose the visual part yet on occasion they took on a human form.  Hmm, like that red glow of ET heart or magic finger – more like an orb.  When I get messages from the Arcturians, Pleiadians, etc… I see no form.  It’s an energy.  When I started getting messages I was a bit surprised to see what they looked like (according to google).  Now, could they…?  Absolutely.  An energy will present however it needs to.  To get your attention, to appeal to one, to fit into an accepted stereotype/box.  I am not bucking the more traditional images (much respect) because it does provided a way to confirm for those who newly awaken to these messages.  Like, yes, that’s what I saw or felt/resonates.  And it might feel very foreign/alien.  To me, it’s often felt like a wise friend I am honored to be in the union/presence of.

So… my take on this is not everyone will see an alien figure or even a white man/women when they get a message from a certain named energy.  For example… when you google archangels… why are most of them, white?  If I was African American… I’d have an issue with this.  At times I even find it a bit challenging picking out pictures since some of the images are not necessarily inclusive/representative of all that is.  I guess if you’re a spiritual artist… you have a huge opportunity here (hint, hint) to create and share.

I guess I’m making the time to write on all of this in more detail because we’re bringing in a new wave of awakening… and I’m not so sure they’ll all identify with what’s been established.  It fit and was helpful then but this is now.

While I receive messages from Arcturian, Pleiadian and several other energies/star groups, at this point for me, they are all one in the same.  I discovered they were all messages of LOVE.  It was though a step in my journey, as if it meant something, like a named energy said this and another said that.  On occasion they do still announce and I’ve found this is so I can find, here and now, who else is getting or gotten the message.

Now, there are characteristics and many have written/blogged on this.  I remember years ago reading/researching… and there is also some overlap.  It can open up a lot to remember and/or keep one in their mind too much trying to sort it out.  Spirit is simple, heart based… remember?

So I was going to answer the question – how do you know, Arcturian… verses… ?  yet I paused.  One may be from many star systems:  Orion, Sirus, of the list could go on.  And while many are well documented… trust there are more.  For me honestly I’ve let go of certain looks/marking and it comes more as a knowing.  It’s as if the word comes up and out before my brain can even register it.  At times it comes with a bit more force and what I hear even surprises me.

My suggestion would be… as you’re out and about, just look around… practice.  Play with it over weeks/months.  While I too have read other’s books/posts and they did help, a lot… the messages/experiences I’ve had with Spirit are my bedrock and compass.  And for you, too.

I do know my role is to make this normal and simple… and I hope the next time I write, less wordy – we’re all practicing.  So as always, love and thanks for reading.


10 comments on “Raised on E.T. yet…

  1. Love this! I’ve never been concerned about if there are alien life forms or not, and never had any sense of them, until the past few months. It appears that my Kundalini process has me integrating energies from some of my “other lifetimes”. And the other month, I was introduced to Arcturian energy. It was the first time I saw (intuitively) and felt the incredible love of Arcturians. Much higher frequency than we humans. It was also the first time I really knew there are other beings out there that we don’t see with our eyes (at least I haven’t yet). When I experienced it, seeing nothing but black color at first and shiny, scaley “skin” was disconcerting… until I began to feel the love.

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  2. Whoa! Breathing, as this REALLY took my breath away! Gosh, I’m at such a lost for words….this makes sense though!!
    Thank you for sharing this post, AGAIN, as this time around I truly FELT it in my bones/SOUL ❤️

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  3. Hi Molly,
    Thank you for this post. Several years ago I remember all of a sudden just having the urge to draw. So I went out and purchased color pencils and paper. Each time I drew it was as you described, an energy that would feel as though it was guiding my hand. There was one who called himself “the Elder”, that was the name that came through but he had the face sort of a duck. But he wore a white robe with blue trim. There were others as well. The thing is all my life I could not draw, I could barely draw a stick figure. The drawings stopped a few years ago, though I still have them. I appreciate you sharing this post. Though you wrote the post eight months ago, it has been shared in perfect timing and truly resonates.

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    • I love you so!! And I always love reading your comments so thank you for sharing! This is very cool and amazing and I am sure will also assist another, too. I’ve also had times where something seemed to pour though and then, stopped. Yet we put it all together like a puzzle. I emailed you a while back, check if you get a chance. ❤

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