The… Our Magic

In morning meditation, I found myself in peace and a reflective mood.  Yesterday I listened to a youtube which I haven’t done in a while.  I used to listen to many yet this past year the guidance has been to, clear the channel and less is more.  I knew it was to make sure I was getting my/deeper messages verses getting caught up in other energy.  It can though seemed a bit quiet yet I’ll say it has greatly assisted in my journey.  There are times to seek/connect/do homework/share (all very exciting) and times to allow, be patient, peace and… clear. 

It’s also been a time to work/allow/see my immediate energy circle… and amazing things that are happening here and now.

So the video was by Bill Ballard, an “old-timer” as he says.  Can I just say, I love it when I read or see/hear a larger perspective.  While my journey has been all my life (4 decades), more focused since 2012 and, in many ways I know I am a newbie (yet, we’re always in our Mastery).  I’m sure still much to remember yet I feel very blessed for all that I’ve experienced.  And, I am forever grateful for those who’ve gone before.  Years ago I often found answers in books that were published 10-20 years prior (like the newer writing didn’t resonate as much).  And at that time, not much was online.  And often I’ve found wisdom and words that resonate in writing that’s hundreds of years old as this process has been going on for quite some time.

Now though thousands++ are writing/sharing/living.  All needed and each in their own gift/place.  Spirit once explained I was fast-tracking.  Taking what would normally take decades and condensing it to years.  It’s been amazing yet challenging at times (and so is the slower version, too).  Really there is no rush.  Others though will be coming along the faster track, too.  Then add the less density/never forgetting/born knowing souls – wowziers, this planet will be rockin!   For the scholar souls/moments, it can be easy to spend the rest of one’s life discerning or in a spiritual bubble.  (I was discussing with another it can be rather addictive or… one just knows this is their purpose.)  Many have lived this.  Many now also realize what’s happened/been given and use it.  I am often in awe and humble.

The energy of the past two days has been so happy/divine/joyful.  It’s hard not to smile and know.  One might wonder what’s with the many tags/posts on the upcoming lion’s gate?  Like, what will this time/passageway do for one?  Well, from my perspective it’s a step/energy and can be a divine moment/time.  A few years ago I was often having lion dreams, googled and found articles (and the timing was perfect).  Often we’re given signs and then need to do our part – find our kind and what resonates… or ha, create it.  Not all will experience a lion’s gate.  It’s not the only way as each finds/experiences what they need.  I’ve always been drawn to the symbolism of the two, 8’s.  Like a balancing of infinity energies.  This can be the ancient/old and the new/young, the divine feminine and masculine, the astral/heavenly and the here and now/Earth plane.  It can also tie into Leo energy, maturing from a cub to a lion… and fire or earth/nature/animal medicine.

In my/a opinion, this journey of personal and planetary enlightenment/ascension is a process.  It repeats in some ways like waves… as each is ready to come to shore.  The forunners have left a trail and based on your energy/process, one goes step by step on this amazing journey in their own unique way.  There are some who don’t need the ways as they are shaking it up and doing their thing.

So please do continue to watch for signs, note your dreams, listen to the soft whispers, spend time in nature and meditation.  Clear your channel or connect with others.  For some they are literally feeling these upgrades/changes and it can take our body a bit of time to catch up.  Love, respect and gratitude as it in an honor to be here now/in form.

Oh the mystery, magic and divine perfection of it all.  Blessings my loves and lights and thanks for reading.  Stay in joy… stay in love.



P.S.  Thank you Starwind… (and so many others) for always sharing, supporting and doing your thing.  Blessed!


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