Quantum Entanglement

Often when I am in new territory/energy, I can’t find the words to describe the indescribable.  Yet I get there.  August started with this new found excitement yet quickly also seemed to have a challenge element.  Well… we like challenges, right…?  Lol. 

In morning meditation, I felt relief and peace; it came quickly.  A shift.  Interesting as a few meditations this month have brought little relief.  Neither have most of the others ways (journaling, time in nature, movement, surrender).  While this is unusual, I hold in perspective as really this is just a moment and nothing is wrong.  We embrace all that comes our way and do our best.  So late last night another wave/heave (and this has been coming in stages/layers) and I was requesting some assistance.  I did seem to find it in sleep (second attempt) and awoke feeling refreshed.

So after meditation I came to several words, one of them being, entangledHmm, we do seem to be in new territory and it’s our role to remain calm, go first, smooth a few things out, start to make a path, etc.  To clear the lines for they may be well traveled.

I also know that any issue that challenges us, that we’re to get to the other side of it.


Yup!  I like these words even better.  Yet, what I didn’t know was there is such a thing as, Quantum Entanglement.  Ha… and but of course.  Einstein knew yet trust that I will keep this simple (less home/mindwork is better for me now yet please do if this topic intrigues).  I will just add these words and picture:



Many of us now are feeling/living in the multiverse.  At times it may feel as if we are carrying/clearing a heavy load.  Our soul may be reminding us to take it easy as all of this is done/felt/experienced.  So one may feel this push of energy… or that something needs to be done… when often it’s just the opposite.  Sit, stay.  Into the unknown we venture even deeper, into our self and Universe.  And this energy can be felt personally… as if it’s time to pick out knots, cut cords, smooth/straighten/detangle… whatever you feel is best as your soul and Spirit will remind and guide you.  And this work can be done in our reality or on an energetic level.

For some, this is a quiet time – all is well.  Or possibly a time to reflect on thoughts/assumptions and even judgements.  Are they knowings… possibly or … a time to embrace – I am that, too.  Or to elevate.  Is anything holding one back or tethering to a reality that does not serve?

Some are alchemizing (situations/realities) in advance.  Our future self/Spirit/energy walks before us.  Then when it comes into our reality, it’s much easier.  I didn’t realize how many of these situations I’ve had this year until Spirit encouraged me to make a list.

So if August has been a bit challenging thus far, it’s just the ebbing of a stream/wave/energy.  We shift and see the new coming into form.  It is now…. to be embraced.

And on a much lighter note, the Disney Movie, Tangled comes to mind (might be a good reset).  Please do what brings you joy.  Remember your inner light – embrace it and shine!



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6 comments on “Quantum Entanglement

  1. Oh, I too love the antonyms for entangled, and I’ve felt a bit ‘entangled’ so far this month! WOWZIERS, but all is well…..UP HEAVING, CLEARING, AND FLOWWWWWING!!
    Thanks Molly, another great/timely post!! ❤️ YA!

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