It’s not the first time I’ve been in nature and known I was receiving her energy/wisdom/medicine/reset.  While not all are outdoors kind of people, it can become a way. 

We’ve had days of rain here – saturated – and this morning a thick fog.  Yes, symbolic.  I sat in the predawn fog as it is a mystery and reminder to go slow.

Then with the rising sun.

And over my shoulder, angelic clouds and the moon.

I was in bliss.  Gratitude… peace.  Smiling.  And then…

A pillar started to form with a small rainbow at the top… … creating an opening.

Yes, open… breathing… appreciating.  As above, so below… and vice versa.

As I went to step inside I heard a whisper to… integrate these codes.  Yup!  While there are many lovely activations out there one can listen to, there are so many ways to receive.  Pictures can also work so sharing this moment as each picture is light encoded.  (click on any pic to expand)  So thank you for sharing this moment/energy with me.  Blessings.  ❤


As I went to bed last night, I thought of a few things to share… yet now this seems more important.  And if one was worried about something… these moments can wipe the slate.  It can be this simple… so I can only encourage, be in your nature.

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    Shifts in energy, weather (wind and the sun is out) and will update soon. For now – ha! seems we had a water theme here around this time last year, too. Flowing in and with Mother Nature… and oh so much more. ❤ and integrate…


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  4. Whoa!! Light encoded for sure!! I got those/my SPIRITUAL GOOSE BUMPS!
    Just amazing, and thank you SO much for sharing this beautiful moment with me/us!!
    Gosh, I now need to lay back and breathe this ALL in! 😇💞

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