The Quickening


Can you feel it…?  It seems to be getting faster.  Before we had time… lulls… waiting and wondering.  Well, we still do yet it seems as if we are going from one distinct moment to the next and nap/rest time is less.  As if that acceleration we mentioned last year is now being truly felt/seen/lived.  Well… this too is a choice.  While we can’t go back into the cave, we can disconnect and slow down/ground/reset/honor as needed.

So just some random thoughts/offerings; as always take what serves.

For years/decades many of us have been clearing the past… then making peace with our present… and now we do seem to be here yet also in the future.  We sense much yet often can’t quite place it.  Yet if one is used to being in the know… haha, hmm…

As our body upgrades, it’s as if it’s a new born soul and can be easily overstimulated.  Anxiety may be felt in certain situations.  The energetic work happening inside is often not a match to where we may place our self.  For the most part, these are just reminders and very temporary situations.  Honor the moment/process and less is more/keep it soul simple.

One can’t fight the energy.  Well, you can.  You can resist, ignore, try to make sense/overthink.  Remaining open, trusting and aware of personal vibration may help.  And there may be some foreign feel to the new energy.  Foreign though doesn’t mean, fear.

One may also feel alone as groups are changing.  A small change of routine or volunteer, if even for an hour/day, to stay connected/be of service.  Human connection is very important right now.  They don’t need to be like minded.  Remember this stage – finding our kind.  Well… they all are!  Smile, hold doors and hug often.  And interesting as I was recently thinking on the word, like-minded as it’s often used in spiritual circles.  Hmm, would like-hearted be an even better choice?

And spiritual circles are interesting these days.  Often much love and support yet at times we do trigger others.  While some are still seeing duality, pushy/hold strong beliefs, reactive/angry… all of this serves a purpose.  We are all feeling this energy!  Unconditional love, support and peace… that’s what 5D is all about… and 5D you have always been.  For me 5D started to come in once I balanced the divine feminine and masculine and then gave myself the gift of unconditional love (lots of lessons here).

If one is worried/cornered on a topic… breaking it down by vibration may help.  What does it represent?  List a few words.  And then how does it ironically overlap one’s own present reality.  It may be conscious yet not acknowledged or unconscious yet surfacing…  😊  What can one now address/clear as we’re moving forward.  This is a time of joy and celebration as we’ve been preparing for some time.

So… let’s enjoy the ride.  Breathe through the quickening.  This isn’t about control yet love.  And what a special time as many of us in the US partake in the solar eclipse on Monday, 8/21/2017 = a 3 … trinity.  According to the map/zip code finder, I am at 88% so a partial… yet not.  We are everywhere and everything.  Be fully present in the now/experience/celebration/life.  And oh, upgrades continue too!

Live – Laugh – Love… bringing it into form.  Until next time, xoxo and see you on the other side.


P.S.  A Total Solar Eclipse is a natural  phenomena… and so are you!!  Some reminders may be found on this list:


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