In your totality

Just a quick mid-weekend check-in as this time can be felt as an energetic, auspicious/peaceful or…  lol.  Some have gone quiet during this time and rightfully so.  Honoring… and possibly also forerunning the next while open and present in the now.  I was reminded that this is a time of no expectations since the work has been done and there’s a divine plan… (smiling).  Remain open, present and who you are – perfect and complete.  There’s much joy and peace to experience/know/be felt.

Feeling it?  I do hope so.

It does seem we’ve been clearing… preparing and upgrading right up until…  well, here in the US, the total solar eclipse is the buzz and bringing many people together – ahhh the excitement and energy exchanges.  I thought on how cool it would be to be birthed in location/time synch with the eclipse yet this is exactly what’s happening.  Bye-bye old self as weeks/months/decades/timelines of clearing/releasing/healing/elevating work has been done – many old thoughts/worries/fears/ways.  This is a/another crowing/birthing moment.  And… this is about planetary ascension, too.

Mother Nature (the clouds, outdoors, weather, animals) and people, too, are delivering a steady stream of energy/light codes/messages/reminders.  The awe energy (of the solar eclipse) is very available.  Like a portal/stargate opening and a wave to ride.  It may be felt in many different ways – powerful, graceful, blissful, flowing… even pushy or low yet this is for a reason – try again.  Work with whatever energy you feel and it will naturally evolve.

Be open to (the possibilities of) now.  Anything can happen as there are there are infinite possibilities.  Often though it’s simple and sublime.  This may be a time/unfolding of changing of the guard/guardians/roles.  And… time/place/much dimensional floating/fluctuation.  Some will feel a zero point or as if the slate has been wiped clean – a reset/fresh start.  And it might not be what one thought or still unclear (and this is okay).  See what gifts are right in… front of you – stay present.  (There’s been a lot of humidity and even fog here which is a reminder to slow down/observe/keep it simple – enjoy the mystery.)  Let’s just see what happens.

There’s a lot of planetary energy so if feeling overwhelmed, pull in/rest, clear the channel and start again on YOUR frequency.    Journaling may also assist.  The charts have been busy for about four days now…


Sunspot AR2671 and now we also have a sun prominence…😊


Find the light… which is your light, way, essence and truth.  Turn inward and reflect/bath in it.  This does become a journey of discovering our unwavering love and light.  To know this… be this… share this… in all that we do.  ❤ and enjoy!



(top right pic and bottom two found online, other two personally taken)


6 comments on “In your totality

  1. Ohhhh YES, what an awe INSPIRING/AMAZING DAY!!
    And thank YOU Molly for ALL your LOVE and SUPPORT!! You’re the bestest friend in the whole wide world, I feel BLESSED every single day that we have crossed paths in these MOST MIRACULOUS times!!
    I love you soooo! 💗💞💗

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