While I am sure there are tons of eclipse pics and words flooding the internet, this is really more a note to self/humble offering.  While I didn’t sleep much last night, there is something distinctly different – at least for me.  This sense of peace, ease, beauty, love and reverence.  Yes, we’re naturally this and have these moments often yet, it feels more like…

a permanent state.  To be… savored.  So right now I seem to know not to click into my writer mind too much.  To integrate, stay hydrated, rest as needed and… enjoy!

So just sharing a few pics taken yesterday.  Clear skies and a light breeze.  The path was seen here at 88%, so a partial eclipse.  The afternoon was simple and very special.  It was a bit of a challenge (in a good way) and enjoyable photo subject.

It was interesting to watch the progression… in stages.  Starting here at 1:23… ha… and ending at 4:11.  I did find these numbers and the entire event very symbolic.

Sun spots and all… and as they rotated.

As I was photoing, my legs felt like a new born deer (wobbly) and today, too.  I’ve had this happen several times before – a sign of a lower body/reality, drop.  I could also feel that we were absorbing much.  This is what’s to unfold… and I smile.

The temperature did drop and the hue was quite different for about 30 minutes.  A gradual dimming and then, enlightening.  I could feel the unity/community and it was a time to look around verses just up.  (great reminder in several ways)  As the sun was coming back, I heard a whisper from a siStar … don’t forget your star filter

Oh thank you.  In gratitude for so much.

I did also watch eclipse footage on tv and that was also very moving.  A still/zero point… an opening… releasing…  I highly recommend as it seems to be an activation in itself.  And oh the crowds cheering, too!

I will though also note that the eclipse energy may have been (or will be) a trigger… or even several.  Work with whatever presents as it always takes you to your next.

As for me… enough words for now – that bigger energy is moving in me as I type; a sign to move along as the now/next is opening.


Thank you for sharing this with me.  In gratitude, peace, love and service.


(All pics taken 8/21/17 off back deck)


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  2. Hi Molly, the pictures are awesome! My department at work had a solar eclipse ice cream party and invited a couple of other departments. You could feel the unity energy throughout the festivities. Today I feel a bit of anxiety, but that too shall pass.
    Thank you for sharing!

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