Surfing this Wave


As I was glancing back in my notebook, I saw that a week ago an unusual sign caused me to pause and ask, what is my role…?  The answer was to… remain calm and ride the wave.  And oh boy are we!  Having fun…?  This was also followed by…

stay the course Yup!

We are very much in a significant wave of energy.  I was tempted to say eclipse energy yet I am honored to have readers outside of the US.  Yet, when a butterfly flaps it’s wings in…

The Butterfly effect/affect… the ripple.

I’ve seemed to know that these last few weeks that many are in a new/different stage of this journey.  I tend to shift every few months; new experiences, remembrance and skills to practice.  And we personally change.

Years ago when channeling started for me (out of the blue and, it blew me out of the water), I was told there was a place where words weren’t used and I’d know when I got there.  I have, over the years, discovered this in different ways.

And now, in new ways as this latest experience is about energy… vibration… receiving and being.  Of getting to a place of inner peace/stillness/quiet and often while you live and do all the things that you do.  And in most moments, knowing and feeling all is well with your soul… and the world.

So the words/messages/visions may actually be less.  Those over the top healings, unions, moments in ways, subside.  They can almost become addictive as they are so profound yet when the work/process is done, one moves along – on to the next adventure.  While hard to forget, a new way comes into being.  We’ve been preparing and holding space for this in many ways and time.

Interesting though as many on a spiritual journey are all about the knowing/experiences/messages/visions.  So while this may seem less exciting or informative, oh it is not.  We are receiving/awakening significant packets of energy -often unidentified- and they become our knowing and/or play out in our reality rather quickly.  This is living/being “higher” plane right here and now.  Even more in your body/energy/reality and just as profound.

Now, is this true for all…?  Nope.  Many stay in certain energies as it serves many purposes.  All divine!  One way is not better than another and we’re all contributing.  I just write to share as others may be shifting and this might come as a surprise.  Like, what happened to…?  (whatever skill you had/loved)  Trust that all will be restored.  One comes back together in a new way.  Remain open and in your element.  Spirit/Mother Nature/your soul will move you when and as needed.  A natural process and phenomenon is happening.

I will share two dreams I’ve recently had.  In one, I was working on my laptop and it kept expanding.  Parts started to pop out of it.  Time to shut it down…?  It became an accordion… and still worked.  Yup… there is a stage of becoming like/connected to a super computer and then we expand (here), again.  And we are to make beautiful music – to play our own tune.

In another dream, there was a knock at the door and as I opened it, the light was blinding.  I couldn’t see as much as hear.

Explosion of light towards heaven, sun. Religion, God

And… the police were on the other side of the door.  Instructing me to place my hands in the air… it was time to surrender.  Spirit/we have a sense of humor… good reminders.

This wave can have a blinding affect.  Much light/truth.  It can cause one to pause… needing a moment.  To adjust their eyes/vision and use other senses.  To just listen, trust and surrender.  (Verses closing or squinting their third eye…. universal heart or higher mind.)


Many are experiencing this.  Each in their own way.

And interesting as the eyes I am now adding to the list of physical upgrades.  This has been a head to toe experience.  Teeth, ears, spine, organs, skin.

One may be feeling high… wire tired… the need to sleep/be alone… burned out… confused or even angry.  Pace and be compassionate to self and others.  Breathe.  This is a marathon or… long stroll along the shore.  Really we are just getting started.  From my experience you can’t fight a wave… flowing with it… a lot of fun.  Yes at times we crash/get sucked up in it.  We touch ground and then float again.  Happy light body surfing.  ❤



(all pics found online)

11 comments on “Surfing this Wave

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  2. So here’s the weird part–since the eclipse, oy. Struggling. In a time when I know my energy is shifting higher, suddenly all seems to be falling apart. Irritable. Hard to concentrate. Fighting gloom and doom. What in the heck is happening?!

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    • NORMAL!! I felt this in moments often for almost a month before the eclipse. Now for the most part this feeling of peace/complete/ohhhh/understanding. The eclipse energy (days later) is till running strong (and shaking off the old). This too shall pass… and we’ll all be smiling again/grateful/better for this. The shifts are indeed significant and it will all catch up. It’s like our mind doesn’t quite understand… yet. ❤ and sooo good to hear from you!

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  3. We are definitely SURFING THE WAVES! Dreams are intense for me too, but not in a anxious way, MORE of, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THIS COMING FROM?
    SO lethargic, foggie, etc. etc.!
    This too shall pass, and in a MARVELOUS WAY, hang on TRIBE! ALL IS WELL 😑💗😑

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  4. Hi Molly, I have been a bundle of nerves the last couple of days. I had a dream recently where a friend was standing outside in this field and I was in a building with the door open telling her to get inside as there was a cheetah moving around out there. She kept saying no and finally the cheetah noticed us and started running towards the door. She wouldn’t come in and I finally had to make the choice to close the door. A couple of seconds later the door opened and in walked a man. But it was like the man could have been the cheetah outside? But I can’t remember who the man was or what he looked like. I am trying very hard to remain calm and surrendered.

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    • LOVE this dream – very symbolic and thanks for sharing! These waves … like ungrounded energy… and pushing much to the surface (about all we/our body can take) and our nervous system feels it. Often a Epson salt bath, swim in a pool or ocean or, good cry helps. Anything to open up the pores. Intense and pretty much constant seem to be the words but this too shall pass. I am hugging you… and thinking of that ice cream… cool, refreshing…

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