Post eclipse not what ya thought…?


Well… like many steps in this journey, it rarely is.  Alrighty loves and lights – how we doing…?  From my perspective… all is well!  Yet… some are really questioning.  And, good…

As answers will come.

I’ll say that this started out short yet I keep seeming to come back with some additional sharing.  And that’s all since it can be a time of spiritual overload.  Much truth/thoughts/ways/experiences as so many are sharing (yippee) and often one has to step back/clear the channel/pull in and decide their truth.  😉

So from taking a pulse, it’s as if all of the experiences I’ve had over these past several years are going on now.  Each is experiencing/receiving/processing and doing the very best they can.  While it might be divine bliss… there are a lot of other possibilities, too.

I saw a certain hue during the partial eclipse here and have seen it each day since.  Like a reminder that we’re still very much in the energy.  It’s also been a moment by moment thing.  Up, down/rest, bizarre, peace/bliss, what day is it???  This week has gone quickly… a blur… so yes, time/space disorientation… and for many reasons.

For me, a-ha’s and this feeling/smile of completeness.  Maybe it’s only a knowing that a certain stage of this journey is now complete or… one may be feeling on other levels.  I seem to know though that this time is to be honored.  Like don’t even ask, what’s next, lol.  We’re still in it and we’ll know when to move along.

I can compare this post eclipse time/energy to the day.  It was a first time photo ing such an event.  Once we reached totality (88% here), others assumed it was all over with.  Back to normal… no need to watch the second half.    HA!!    It took time to get to totality and to get back to normal.  For me it was a beautiful and symbolic process – all of it!  Each progression/phase.  And this now is being mirrored here.  Eclipses are known for having effects not only days but months afterwards.

So many now are feeling out of sorts, restless, growing pains, as if their mind/body is clearing or someplace else, etc., etc.  Yes!  Many of us also worked on this energy weeks before the eclipse.  I can share that the higher timelines are well in place and to unfold.   So keep breathing… and feeling… and we, too, will transition/phase.  Naturally.  Many have anchored/received a significant dose of light that will be unfolding over weeks/months so allow your amazing body to catch up to this frequency.  It can also be a great time to keep a notebook close.  See what you hear/observe/feel/dream, etc.  Then do some homework or pondering.  What you water, grows.  ❤


P.S.  I awoke with a headache (mind/info overload) and meditated outside asking for the pathways to flow.  As I looked up…  ❤ me a sun halo!


P.S.S.  The animal kingdom has been very active and close here – also affected!  Great medicine and reminders.  And yellow butterflies, often in two’s, circling together like a chain of dna… more can also be found here:

If one’s feeling suddenly tired/drained/ill/cranky/off… rest.  Even 30 minutes can do wonders.  And FOOD… please trust your body, some will need less and some more.  Protein, building blocks, as our body/metabolism is also affected.



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4 comments on “Post eclipse not what ya thought…?

  1. Thank you!! You really do have a way of explaining this AMAZING process!!
    ALL TRULY IS WELL, even though I’ve been unable to work this week 😜
    And yes, the body/food, very hungry, and one more thing I will add……a couple weeks before the Eclipse I had a real “Buddha Belly” going on, now that has tamed down significantly, which is a good thing…..need those jeans to fit comfortably!!

    ❤️ Ya!

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