The beauty’s in the unfolding


Integrate… appreciate… and a way will be shown.



Really that’s all that needs to be said.  It can be this simple.  So while I write, there may be no need to read.  You know and are feeling it, too.  ❤


You’re still reading…?

Okay, here we go.  We’ve been unifying in stages and ways for quite some time now.  And this past week, a lot.  Some meditations have been powerful.  In some ways it feels, more yet maybe it’s always been.  We’re marinating in this new energy.

I’ve been so present these past few days and… it’s been delightful.  While we’re everywhere and everything… there are times to keep it so simple.  To just be, present.  To see what’s really in your world.  Less is more… and one may be moved by the smallest thing.  ❤

And… in this, realizing that we can easily trigger self/others since we’re so active and out there – often online, with others, aware of much.  There have been some forceful energy/shifts… aligning us; yet there doesn’t have to be.

This journey… once you’ve cleared your karma… as if your soul reminds not to make/carry any new karma/baggage.  Talk about being pure and light.  It just won’t let you not see.  It holds one accountable… no  overlooking or allowing it (anything other than love and light) to build up.  So one may feel clean slate/fresh start moments and often, as clearing one’s thoughts/energy field are frequent.

There have also been some signs/moments of not getting what you thought/wanted.  Ha!  Yes, we are powerful manifestors and divine creators… and what does one do?  Get upset/disappointed… or roll with it, smile… and shift/remain in a higher plane.  In a situation several days ago I thought on how this is video game like.  Seeing situations for what they are/what they really are/what they could be and, getting “points”.  Yes, this might seem silly yet may work as a visual/practice.  So as these points add up, it aligns you to your next/higher plan/bonus round.  Saying a thank you, holding a door or feeling/seeing the angelic in common situations, easy and gets one bonus points.  So 😉 play along…?  lol

I’ve felt two lower body/timeline drops in a week.  They used to be something I sensed yet now are physical/literal and seem to be happening more often.  And one may know/feel a new core/template is in place.  This may or may not take some time to allow and work it’s way in your body and life.   One may also awaken from rest out of sorts.  A bit of surprise since often we rest to restore/catch up/work play in other ways yet, then to awake even more off center…?  Breathe, do the best you can and rest again.  We’re working on multiple levels here.

Some will need a release and this may come into your energy.  It is an honor as they feel safe enough to in your presence.  We do, yet do not, provide in 3D ways.  Remember, share and remind others of your true gifts.

One might also notice things happening in doubles – more than one thing in an exact moment.  As if, which do you choose?  Well, you choose right every time yet the choices may be telling.  And possible sync’s… just to realize you’re not a sync… we’re changing that quickly and there’s much joy/union in the variety.  We are syncing the highest path with our life.  This is the mission and more than a mission.  One might also realize they’ve been trying too hard in some areas or had their energy displaced.

I didn’t think I had much to say, ha., as the words are flowing.  So let’s take a breath… and make this simple again.

We’re once again starting out on a journey; this next leg.  We have our (energy) packs with all that we will need.  Yet it’s still this strange mix… as if it’s started yet also having moments of feeling weary/pushed to the edge – before we even start  (how much will fit into this pack as upgrades for many continue).  So… rest as much as you need since this is a long distance endurance adventure of sorts.  And it’s supposed to be fun.

Look in the mirror and see.  The vibrant beauty (in each stage)… unfolding… can’t be rushed… knows.  ❤



P.S.  It’s been windy here for two days and a possible tropical storm on the way.  Last year hurricanes were a teacher and at times trigger for me.  Often one can shelter in place and ride out the storm.  Potentially a sleepless night with howling wind and pouring rain (often the worst of the storm seems to happen overnight/in darkness – yes symbolic).  While Mother Nature has her way, we’re often blessed and safe.  Yet… some are more (as I watched the news on Harvey in Texas and hold in compassion and light).  While I’ve seen communities come together, better and stronger, in the aftermath/clean up – massive change is occurring for many.

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