Working with a death theme

I wrote this two weeks ago yet didn’t publish it.  Today another message and then sign/reminder and then, I heard of Louise Hayes transition.  Both Louise and Hay House have been a part of my journey… so in honor, gratitude and love.    She created a home and platform for many to begin their journey. 

So, I wrote…

Oh trust me, I get it.  I know that we don’t die… that we change form/cross over/transition.  I tend to write on whatever’s in my energy and today I realized this is a theme Spirit’s been working with me/many (in moments and stages) for years now.  So this is just a sharing and perspective and in no way can cover the eternalness of the topic.  While death can be viewed as dark/taboo/morbid… what if we can bring some light to this very sacred and joyous passage.  To embrace, discern and know/appreciate.  To get to a place of ease and gratitude… even celebration.

So recently in meditation and at times I sense openings… that more souls will hear the call and return home.  It does seem that we have another time of reminders/triggers/set points/changing of the guard/guardians.  This time though, I was seeing an opening from now till the end of the year.

Years ago it was easy for me to say that I didn’t fear death… yet… I did/still do a bit – even after all that I know.  I mean, we came here to experience much and some people in our life/soul family… like, how does one live without them here in form?  Like an irreplaceable part of your life.  I have though learned/experienced/felt the support of departed loved ones, as if the relationship continues; blessed.  And, I more so started my journey by receiving messages from souls that had crossed over.  I loved/love being a medium because every message is a gift.  An overwhelming feeling of love, comfort and peace to pass along.  And seeing the receiver… often a release… of worry, confirmation/validation/giving permission to move on… and/or provide a piece/peace of needed closure.

If one gets a whisper/sign/knowing… it can be sad/scary/alarming/a trigger and for a reason.  To release these emotions and hopefully get to a place of peace.  As much as you can before the moment.  It might very well be imminent or, years/decades from now.  Often we work on themes/issues in layers and stages.  And it can be a great gift/blessing to know before hand so that it’s not as much of a shock/trauma/karma/etc.  What if one of our lessons here is to get to a place of knowing/peace/celebration as we let go and assist in sending the soul home.  At some point, we all go home.

Working with the death theme can be tricky… and rewarding.  Death here is life/birth/reunion in another place.  And death is a very personal choice – not my place to ask, when as it can change in any split second.  Often though I do ask, what is my role?  Of course to be… love/support yet often an interesting side note/perspective is shared that I do appreciate because it can become an emotional/hectic/ungrounded time.

And if one gets a heads up, one may very well do a few things differently.  A rearranging of priorities since oh how we take so much for granted here.  The brevity.

And this time and passageway of “death” can be very symbolic.  It might have nothing to do with physical death of a person yet a time of great change and metamorphosis… one of many possible steps in a spiritual journey.  I’ve found that our journey here is one of healing and to become whole/complete.  And a time to examine/ponder on/feel our emotions and thoughts… and to elevate them.

Death (or signs/messages of) can be a great teacher.  It may also tie into one’s fear of life… yet that’s a whole other topic/post.  So thanks for reading.  Don’t be afraid to explore in meditation (or in other ways) the death theme.  What gifts, truth and knowing is waiting to surface…?   ❤


(Pictures taken as I worked on typing up this post.)


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