Hello September


I just finished writing a post yet have it on hold.  I find myself doing this a bit more often now as these are interesting times and not what one would think  (it is good to get out of our mind).  Deep, deep upgrades/integrations/shifts are happening/continue… and just can’t be rushed.  I’ll be honest and say in moments they’ve challenged me.  Like, gheez, what is this…?  Shouldn’t this be in the past…?

Even asking… is this what spirituality/faith will bring into your energy…?  I know – doesn’t sound spiritual or having faith yet, honest.  As if we forget who we really are and are made to feel much.  In some ways it feels like personal/collective clearing/lower energy/Holy Moly!  Feeling so thick/heavy/whooo!  Like I can remember just being in peace and bliss.  What the heck…?  While questioning can help, this is more a time to, be.  Be calm, at/in peace.

By now we’ve developed many ways/tools – rest/self-care/love, allowing, alchemy, time in nature, connecting with tribe members, journaling and music – yet…  This does seem to be where the rubber/sole/soul meets the road – a test (or union) of our true spiritual nature.

So what helps?  Becoming very present… and making choices from this.  And when the physical moments come… allowing/honoring/letting the process happen.  Not attaching anything to it as we’ve already processed the past, present and even forerun the future.  Reminding self that nothing is wrong… all is well.  With ease and grace… …  well, that part is optional, lol.  Just do the best you can.  Frequent mini rests do seem to be needed/important now.

We create our own triggers/events/reality/moments.  I was advised a bigger shift is happening and what we pay attention to or seems to be in our energy is a mirror distraction.  Could it be a lower timeline?  Can we say, clear/shift/alchemize…?  Yes!  Be gentle – surrender and love.

And distractions can be moments to discern/learn/know.  Many of us embrace the unknown (again) to find our light/truth.  Ahh, there it is.

One could say some behind the scenes work/post eclipse clean up/whatever recently that’s been stirred up is coming up/being smoothed out/leaving our energy.  Allow… and remain in the flow of your true nature.  One may be reminded/challenged/paused again and again.  Stay the course – ha, remember…?

I’ll also mention that many are experiencing ear ringing.  I’ve had a variety of tones come and go over the years – in one ear or the other.  Recently in a meditation I had a tone that resonated in both ears at the same frequency/time.  It felt special and significant; the consistency and balance.

So for many in the US, a three day weekend; Labor Day.  A time to honor, celebrate and see what unfolds/blossoms over the weekend.  Hello September!  What ya got for us?  I know it will be something divine.  ❤



(And, top picture found online)

4 comments on “Hello September

  1. Whoa! Right when I think/feel calmer….boom! I let someone into my energy field last evening, this person I’ve had to keep at a ( loving) distance for months now….what was I thinking!#*+#…..at one point I thought I would have a stroke! Drained my energy terribly….lesson learned!! Gheeze!
    Thanks for this post, as I needed it!! You’re the best, and I send you LOVE AND PEACEFUL VIBES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>💞

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    • Annette – you wrote this post, lol. And if it makes you feel any better, your opening sentence is right on – no matter what. Moment by moment and the second we think/feel/have a handle on, BAM, the next. 🙂 ❤ Vibes received (thanks) and sending back.

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