Working with Hurricane Energy

I work/play/ponder on whatever’s in my energy.  While there’s multiple energies/experiences running now, I seem to be following the hurricane theme.  At first I wasn’t going to write on this yet quickly realized I am not the only lightworker who’s potentially watching, wondering or even triggered by the treat … (oh an interesting typo) threat of a potential landfall. 

Yet we don’t do threat vibration… as we remember who we are and all of our skills.  And while one could say that this post is dropping to a lower consciousness/reality, trust me, it’s not.  It’s to better understand Mother Nature as we are one in the same.  Not to be feared or controlled yet respected.

I’ve casually watched weather patterns for years now.  I once asked why a certain weather seemed persistent in a certain area and heard… moving lightworkers around.  Yup!  And over the years I’ve connected with others who’ve received messages on significant floods/fires/earthquakes and other planetary changes.  They can present in dreams/meditation/visions a bit alarming yet often I do believe this is clearing work.

Recently many have been affected or drawn to the news (or to be of service) with Texas and Hurricane Harvey.  And for me also knowing that very much could have been here living in a coastal area.  Hearts/actions/energy continue to go out.  Before the storm hit, I checked in with Spirit yet only felt neutrality.  Interesting.  Well, we have weathered many storms/”storms”.  And Mother Nature has her ways.  Even in devastation, there’s also unity and a rebirth.

Now, as another hurricane is out there, can one remain calm/carry on… get to a place of neutrality/peace/knowing?  Often we’re placed exactly where we’re needed.  So while not yet in our immediate energy/now… it may be as many of us forerun.  Well in light of Harvey and much media attention/awareness, I can sense it’s actually in many’s energy.

For others though hurricanes aren’t on their radar at all or they know what they need to know and are flowing.  Some may be vigilant/planning for the worst and hoping for the best.  Much can also be done on an energetic level.  One can have faith/trust and ask for the highest outcome to unfold.  Yet, the highest outcome might just be the one that rocks your world and creates the most change for all.  Spirit though wishes us peace/safety/comfort/knowing, too.  Meditate, remain open for those whispers, signs and dreams to slip in.

I’ve been working on this theme in moments for a few days and there is time -a gift- as the next hurricane (Irma) is still off shore.  So it is an honor.  While I often write on how I see the Spiritual in form… well, my last few posts have been, too.  😉

Wind, rain, flooding… all symbolic and create change.  And so is wind sheer, jet stream, eye of the storm – when the sun, blue skies, birds and peace returns – and then, the backside of a storm.  One can work with these elements/vibrations.  Yet can we control/change Mother Nature…?  Well, possibly… yet even more so we can control/chose/be our self.  This can become a tune up experience to your highest path.

Personally I found myself waffling between two different energies.  Releasing fear/needing to do and the bliss/peace/all is well in my immediate energy; no storm and actually much joy in my present reality.  And knowing this might not be worth the energy/mental thought/process.  It is good that we know in advance yet still that uncertainty.  It can become an exhausting time of worry and wearing on one’s physical body/health.  Like one can get worked up prior to and then when/if/afterwards, not sound nor ideal.

If one works with a theme/energy, signs and dreams might seem all over the board yet more like a puzzle.  Some as if triggers.  Some as if realities that have already played out.  Many possibilities.  So then which one is true…?  Ah, possibly all of them.  This may be a full discernment.  So if any of the signs trigger, how can one work with it, transform/release?  Not necessary align with it yet let it run it’s course.

One sign for me was a beaver and then a groundhog that crossed my path.  Ahh, very similar… water and land dwelling creators that make dens.  Did I need to lay low and chew on all of this?  Storm (watch) mode isn’t the best vibration to stay in.  Often if one can just remain calm and patient, much can surface.  For me, often what/when I write, it seems to release it and quickly a new energy comes in.

One may need a mind/heart/gut check.  While your mind might tell you one thing, what does your heart/gut/spirit tell you?  And don’t forget to breathe!

And like many things, what if it’s not about the storm… ?  Could this energy be an overlap of something else going on in your present reality?  Or in some way getting you ready for your next?  One can use a storm as a teacher and to evolve.

Now, if you feel you’re not safe/should evacuate – trust this.  No choice is a wrong choice.  Hurricanes/tropical storms/nor’easters can be a great time to visit family/friends or discover a new area.  Make it a joy as some even have hurricane parties.  One may take a moment to look around and see what’s irreplaceable/important.  What do you love or even better makes you feel comfortable?  Grab that and go; travel light.  One though may be able to trust and walk away from it all.  And for others they will hunker down/relax/catch up on rest, projects or meditation.  It can make a great family day – get the games out, plan a fun menu or _______.  And if you know of elders who live alone – please check on them before, during and after.

See… while it might be about the hurricane, it may be more about connection and love.  Weather… oh gheez, whether this is personal (overcoming anxiety/fear) or community (reaching out, smiling/laughing/kindness, meeting someone new in the grocery store, assisting in cleaning up a yard afterwards, etc.).

As I worked on this post, a large butterfly circled the house.  Like, for hours.  I’ve seen this before and take it as a special sign/vortex of energy, protection and metamorphosis.  And I must not be too worried as I chose to write (verses packing up or doing some preliminary storm prep).  It’s not my place to predict or need to know the path yet to flow with however life happens.  This may though spark your own personal discernment/process/knowing.  ❤

We’re more resilient and wiser than we realize and have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Stay safe loves and lights.


(pictures found online)

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