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Wow!  Can we just start there…?  Interesting as I last wrote on Hurricane Energy.  Yup, just about a match.  I’d like to keep this simple… short and sweet…  We’ll see if I can behave and do just that, lol.

There is… in this moment… a sense of relief/reprieve.  Ahhh!  Seriously, if you’ve been riding these latest waves – what a great feeling!  We’ve also been under/with geo storms, star bursts and a heck of a lot more.  Let’s just say the past six weeks or so have been some pretty physical inner work/clearing/adjusting/assimilating which in moments can cause mental and emotional… hmm, stuff.  And yes… moments of such peace.  There have been themes/homework/other duties as assigned and they take however long they take.  You’ll know though when to let go.  The energy does, shift.  Amen.

I took a moment to reflect on 2017 (as I last seemed to do this a few months ago).  Still not what I thought yet very serving.  While we’re each in our own stage, I seemed to shift from collective clearing to my present reality and some more personal work.  (Yet this journey for me for years, has been.)  These past several months has been about getting out there… and this time that out there would be more in my reality verses the astral.  While many are reuniting/working/playing in the astral/unlimited (yippee)… it’s as if this was a stage for my remembrance and, I’ve fully come back to this time/plane.  Different, anew and like, how can I now serve?  Well… we do serve in each stage and in many ways.

There were a few weeks recently that, as they continued, had me at a point of saying, uncle.  I was told alchemizing in advance – meaning that what we feel here/now is just a fraction of what we’d more normally feel as it comes into our energy.  Then when the energy/moment comes, it’s more like a piece of cake.  Recently I had a truth surface that might have paused or set me back yet I could now clearly see it for what it was … and was ready to move along.  For the old me, it would have been a big deal… now, water under the bridge.  So it is worth it – trust the process.

I did also feel a moment as if something was laying on my heart and then to acknowledge my life purpose (chakra/area) – right below one’s heart yet centered.  There have been a few nights of restlessness/having a hard time powering down/going to sleep, too – feeling this new wave of energy.  So I asked and heard, assimilate these trajectories.


Ha, interesting as this is also a word used with a hurricane’s path.  This powerful vortex energy is what many are feeling/experiencing/moving us.

And I will also note the eye/vision upgrades seem to continue.  Seeing stars yet…??

So you may be seeing how these latest waves have affected… self, teachers, newly awakened… gheez, many.  Some will need to disconnect/pull in/clear the channel and then know/feel the peace/bliss… ahhh!!!  In totality, again.  And from this, the next begins.  I am smiling and hope you are, too.  ❤

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      • My sister and I helped to set ascension pillars at 47 points along the East Coast as directed by Lady Claudine, Pleiadian Goddess of Change and member of our Karmic Board. Then also set pillars at 50 miles and 150 miles out, extending out to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and one mile into the crust. The pillars are now drawing elementals from all over the planet to be freed from the manipulations of Team Dark. There is a new influx of higher dimensional elementals arriving now who cannot be affected by the lower energies… These elementals will be preparing the New Earth for all those who successfully move into the higher dimensions while still in their physical body. Blessings to all.

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