Today’s been one of those days.  I’d start yet then quickly go in another direction…  easily distracted.  So I’ve also stopped and reset/grounded myself several times.  To say that there is much, many and more going on is an understatement.  A Pisces Full Moon – ahh water (fitting on many levels).  And hmm, tying into some potential Atlantis/Mu/Lemuria work…

And even the total solar eclipse, as that energy is still available, and the various (light) grid systems.

Clarity often comes during a full moon.  If possible sit outside in the next few evenings and just be.  Full moon light (anytime of the day) may also now show something that wasn’t seen before.

We also have incoming solar flares (which effect many in a variety of ways, as well as electronics, etc.).  And for some Hurricane/tropical storms/Mother Nature and a list of potential other things if you watch tv/follow the mainstream/have a cause – all good!  Add your normal LIFE… and what does this = ___________.  Well, that’s for you to decide.  It can be simple though… and a time of much peace and love.

Even if you’re busy… stay present and in motion with your essence and angels.  Now is not the time to rush.  Accidents/attitude/meltdowns not required – check yourself before you wrench yourself, lol.  It may be a good time to chill… even if for 5 minutes.

This time can be reflected upon as, a perfect storm.  A vortex.  Pushing so much up, swirling and then who knows where it all lands.  Accelerated – yup!  Yet you don’t have to feed the storm.  Don’t forget the I AM part.  And the I/eye part – the calm.  And that eyes are windows to the soul.


This may be a time of getting it all up and out so that one can think straight.  And storms can be a very empowering experience.  What role do you wish to play/experience?  If in doubt, ponder or ask for guidance/a reminder in meditation.  Take back/align with your power and knowing.

I am finding some of my actions telling.  An item on my to-do list was to till and plant some grass seed in a small section that became worn out/muddy.  While potentially in the hurricane’s path (several days away), this felt like a good thing to do.  Very grounding.  And some additional symbolism as I am still wearing flip flops (fall hasn’t arrived yet).  I put on “soles” to do the yardwork.  I had been flip flopping a bit with the energy.  Until you choose/know/are done with the work.  Then as I looked up, I saw a faint sun halo for just a minute as confirmation. 😊  I’d made peace and understand the hurricane in my own way.   (And I think I am now complete with the hurricane theme yet, one never knows.  Spirit will hold one in an energy or make you feel/examine/experience a topic for many reasons as it benefits all.)

Again yesterday butterflies surrounded me.  I thought on the butterfly effect… or is it affect…?


WE are the butterfly.  (Verses the “typhoon” or waiting to be a victim/survivor of one.)  From our choices, our amazing vibration flutters out.  The ripple.  Often we don’t realize our impact.  Like, do you think a butterfly knows??  They just are.

If you’re physically ascending… please be kind to self!  It’s easy to be all love and light when you feel good.  Ascending can be challenging physically and therefore mentally and emotionally; cut yourself some slack if you’re not feelin it.  Often though I’ve had to take the moments/challenges and flip them.  We work with everything and at times have to shift self verses waiting.


This month of September is also about the 9… completion!  If it’s part of your old story, let that gooo.  And today’s date reminds me of a inverted ying yang – balance.  One may be feeling (or soon to feel) the surge of the next energy wave.  Breathe and flow as best you can.  Spirit is simple so, keep it simple.  And the water element – emotional releases may happen; flood gates may open.  We are washing away old pain.

I was also reminded… if one is still needing a certain thing/experience verses enjoying…  Needing = more time in “school”.  Enjoying = freedom.  Stay open as there are many options… don’t hold any away as one can need for it to be a certain way.

Well, this is more than enough for now.  Thank you for reading!  I leave you with my new jam…


All is WELL!!  and stay safe.  ❤  


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