X’s and O’s Energy


Ha!  Another sun halo materialized.  Oh how these make me so happy.  A energy and sign all is well and of unity…. complete.  Ahh…  I started to write this post yesterday.

And as I glanced at other pics from the past two weeks…

They’ve been appearing often enough as well as many other special energies and moments in the sky.   (click as each one can be gazed at, good medicine)

I personally continue to be… fluid, meditate when I can (and each one seems to reveal a small gem) and, live.  I can only encourage one to continue with whatever theme/energy is present.  To shift/move it (anything other than sheer joy) out of darkness into the light.  Fear is a powerful fuel yet can be used as a tool/way/reminder.  We break down the fears and remember verses adding more fuel to the fire.

If you’re in the/a hurricane’s path, go ahead now and mark yourself as “safe” (like that option on facebook) in your energy/meditation.  See how this feels.  See what surfaces.  It may take one more than one try and symbolic as this might happen – often in storms/rush/stress, computers and us human’s don’t work as normally would.  While several states (in the US) have issued a state of emergency, this energy is optional for you personally.  Much is already swirling and the hurricane is still far enough away.  (Now yes, prep/have a plan/take action if needed.  Do what will bring you relief.  Make wise choices and stay safe.)

Eliza had mentioned the other day anchor points… ❤  and while I’ve been working with a variety of energies, I, too, needed this reminder… and then synchronistically another star sister also guide me; blessed.  See if you can see/feel them and know.  And if you can’t… create your own.  In, outer… both before and behind you forming a triangle… the strongest shape and much support.

And… drumroll…  the x class flare has arrived…


My messages were a bit limited on this one as each is doing/sharing their part.  It is though awakening/bringing online the next.  A bandwidth of new energy.  As I sat with the rising sun… wowziers.  So breathing and today may be a day to go slow.

I may take a few days away from writing/online.  Computer glitches and this for me is often a sign to disconnect and reboot (yet then again are also normal with geo storms).  It is though always good to be fully present and available.  Yesterday I could feel the next bubbling up; that which words aren’t even there yet… yet this morning the words are coming.  It’s been an honor to write, share and connect as these past 30 days or so have been a busy time.  Feel free to comment/share your wisdom/message.  I do at times leave out thoughts/messages/perspectives since, lol, there’s no way to cover it all and… I could be wrong/not another’s truth.  We are though better together and the support network is strong.  Smiling…

In blessings and love!




It’s not so much the words – change them… yet fitting jingle…. X’s and O’s in the best way possible!


2 comments on “X’s and O’s Energy

  1. Hi Molly, one of my messages is to take a leap of faith. Last night I walked in my kitchen and in the middle of my kitchen floor sat a cricket. I had a vision a few weeks ago where I literally heard the words “take a leap of faith”. As always thank you for sharing.

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    • This made my day – I LOVE it when you chime in!! YES!! I remember a year ago the frogs and crickets often – BIG LEAPS… then and now! This is so perfect – thank you!! Right now, I have a BEe circling me. Just be. xoxo


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