nOw summary


Just a quick check-in.  Leaps and quantum jumps… are.  I was going to say, incoming… yet it’s like when Spirit corrected me the other day.  There is no more, next… just now.  So the summary of now would be ascend, descend, balance and repeat.  I can compare this time to a (bike) spin class.  Ever taken one of those? 

Well… it can kick your ass.  I do hope though this is coming with more ease… yet it might still be the extremes and very physical/mental/emotional.

A beach walk yesterday and as I crossed the dune and looked up, a beautiful sun halo greeted me.  I wish I could explain what these do to me.  I know in every cell of my body, all is well.  And… still present as I arrived home where in the sky the X’s (x class solar flares) and O’s (halo/unity/all is well) theme was present.  We have had another solar flare so more is/will be incoming/awakening/coming online.

A whole new bandwidth and platform of support is coming into being.  This is a time of being.  One may notice syns… and time/place discrepancies.  And Spirit activity is high.

This time may also be felt in endings and… awesome new beginnings.  One may also be feeling as if their eyes are going through some changes, a new vision/crystals.

I’ll also mention that (for me) the lucid dreams have again started.  This was newer for me earlier in the year.  It was amazing to see many of them play out in reality.  At times within hours, others weeks later.  Often very literal yet also interesting the symbolism that you just don’t understand until the moment.

In my local community, a series of handmade signs have popped up.  To repent and that the rapture is near….   😊    And many signs of mowing/leveling the playing field/no more hiding/everything is in plane sight and… harvesting.

Many are gently in my thoughts/prayers/energy (as always, much is happening in the US, world and astral).  Together, in unity, we are.

So for now I’ll leave you with pics of my morning sunrise meditation and much xoxo and ❤ .

6 comments on “nOw summary

  1. Hi Molly, soooo much happening! I recently had a dream where a relative of mine who was in the dream as well as myself encountered an aspect of me. In the dream I used the word doppleganger. Over the weekend I was woken up when I “heard” what sounded like a bunch of aluminum pots falling over and making quite a lot of noise. It woke me from my sleep. But when I asked my son about it the next day he had heard nothing. Quiet time is a must!!!

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