It’s as if a film/veil was in place today and for a divine reason.  It may have even felt thick.  It can be/feel very healing/supportive, too, though.  It may be one of those times when one needs to shift/remind self.  No biggie as we’ve done this often enough by now.  Music, nature, a nap or doing anything out of routine may help.  In what small/special/perfect way can one be in service?  To self, others or both.  I don’t think this will last long as the neighborhood dogs have been howling/barking.  They, too, are feeling this next shift.

Exciting times and for some this next shift is… it.  The, one.  (teehee)  Like no more excuses and a time to start surprising self… and others.  From no matter what (is not ideal) to creating the ideal.

Some are being/feeling the float/neutrality – all is well.  If one is used to being mission driven, haha… love the soul who has no mission in the now moment.  Well, one is in their mission, always.  And if one feels they’re floating a bit too high, use the earth/ground, an Epson salt bath and hugs also work great.

There is some filtering – may be in thoughts/dreamslet it come and go.  And one may have or be feeling physically the heaviness/stretch/restlessness/dropping of the lower body as we anchor in this expansion.

For many this is a time to cultivate … calmness… peace… space… love and possibly even awareness… consciousness… in your own way.  To prepare for use in a new way.  To allow an inner genius/guru/you to come forward.

Interesting as the word choice of spiritual maturity has been popping up.  While I could write a post on this alone…   Let’s just say that growing up in 3D/4D at times, not so much fun.  Now though being in our magic, Mastery – the balance/blend of our inner child and Mastery – and in 5+++ D.  😊

So short and sweet as we’re moving along loves and lights.  It’s time to work, experience and play in a new way.  Ready…?   ❤



UPdate:  The past two nights… dream time work a bit surprising/not what I would have thought.  Dropping timelines on a new level.  I’ve been encouraged to stay with it, to let it run it’s course.   The word miracle does seem to also factor in (and this would be divine spirit vs. ego/mind definition of what a miracle is).  I think since I’ve also been doing a bit more gridwork, it’s sparking the thin veil/overnight memory.  I can’t say one is well rested as they awake, so a power nap to refresh.   Ha, as I thought on writing the other day on:  Rested and ready… or bone tired?  Well, maybe a strange mix of both as we do seem to be experiencing a new level here in the physical.


6 comments on “Cultivate

  1. Oh my, yesterday felt SO HEAVY/THICK! Not in a depressed way, but my mind kept trying to tell me, “Annette, you are SO depressed”….I continued to push through my day, and yawning all the way! I slept really sound last night, and while in a dream I was with my husband, and I was feeling OUT OF BODY, and trying to tell him this with a panic, as it was SO crazy! So yes, yesterday seemed extremely HEAVY! All is well though, we are becoming MASTER’S at this! 😜❤️

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