The basics


Spirit is simple so… the basics.  And they would be, gratitude and neutrality.  And yes… love.  This seems to be what’s needed.  Oh how we take so much for granted.  And the Universe will remind.  I often find that I need to clear the channel.  At times it can be done in minutes… and other times, a week.  To disconnect and to be so open.

So a message and then discussion with Spirit.  I’ve left out the details as you can fill in your own personal words/dynamics if this resonates.  Spirit was clear and consistent.

I just wanted to ___________ …   let go

I thought ___________ …  let go

But … but… ___________ …  let go

Yet! …   Let go!!

And I did.  Sweet surrender.  To be open to that which we can’t even comprehend.  A higher calling is calling.  Some timeline splits are bigger than others… and even for spiritual human beings, easy to miss.  It does seem that this is a time of gently holding our beloved vibration in knowing and peace and… 

Well, you can decided what is best for you.   ❤


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