Magnificent Transformation

Alrighty lights and loves… how we doing?  We got a new moon, equinox, timeline spilt, astrological events and a recent stream of solar wind.  Always something going on. 😊

Spirit has been quieter for me for about a week now yet I do have some understanding of this.  Not a thing is wrong… just other processes are at work.  And some intel we just don’t need.  So… just a few short notes.

This is a time of magnificent transformation.  Ahhh… doesn’t that sound nice.  Yet this may be a time for some of medical issues/tests… possibly even panic.  I’d like to say, ALL is WELL… and I do hope this is your truth.  One though might be medically triggered/under the weather/in a mood/funk/needing time-space  (there is a w-i-d-e range here)  yet, a rather remarkable change is/can happen.  Honor and listen to your body and soul.  What is it symbolically trying to tell you?  Discernment may go far now… yet trust your knowing because some of this energy just, is and… will pass.  We are (heading to) the, glow.

There’s been reminders of weaving a new web/that the web of support is ample.  The grid will be coming back online even more intricately woven.  I smile.  A new way to play.

And now might be a time to think big picture… broad… significantly higher.  There are times to focus/do the micro and then zoom out and see.  Oh so much beauty, blessing and love!  The richness, connection, understanding and synchronicities.  We are indeed here and now for a reason.

Be who you are.  A gift… amazing… a joy!  Let us remember…


Continue to create beauty.  ❤



(all pics found online)

7 comments on “Magnificent Transformation

  1. We are indeed here for a reason, and ALL is WELL! NO it has not been easy, but MOTHER EARTH wishes to thank us ALL for Our HELP!! This is NOT just about ‘OUR ASCENSION”, it’s ABOUT OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET!! So yea, we are doing a great JOB, and ALL the pain, suffering, heartache, etc., WILL ALL BE WORTH IT…SO let’s keep on keeping on beaYOUtiful SOULS 💞
    “We are heading to the GLOW”, ahhh, I love this!! And YOU❤️

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