11 days ago I had five minutes of AMAZING knowing/clarity/bliss.  No blinders or veils and then… I went to rest.  As if I had no choice.  I awoke and… it’s been a bit quiet message wise and… different.  I knew though to honor.  Then about 20 minutes of that energy… and enough to better understand the process (I am now in).  While different – than prior steps and what others may be experiencing – also very much our process.  So I thought…

marinate, as there is no rush.  So much of this journey is done with and in the gift of time.

Interesting as this is a new moon yet feels like a full moon; the clarity and reveals.  Is it just me or is much coming to light and crossing your path?  Some seems real and some obvious that a higher plan will play out.  And while we can try to remind… to respect another’s choice/belief/divine plan.

So one may receive some brief/teaser info/moments and then feel a different process over days/weeks as it all works out/balances.  It’s like a half step back – where we do appreciate what was given/we had and even wonder/miss/mourn a bit – yet then, a surprising huge leap forward.  There may be many gifts that surface during this time.  I am feeling from now till the end of the year… and that it will be worth it.  And many will understand what the true gifts are.  So far the themes are knowledge/wisdom and freedom; me like.  And while these words seem obvious… can I relay the ease and vastness…??

There also seems to be a hint hint to greatly improved vision, hearing… of all of our senses (smell, touch/feeling).  How we interpret and interact with our world and the great beyond.

In the meantime… life will happen.  Do the best you can.  No guarantee smooth sailing as we as we are Masters and in the flow; using all of our skills no matter what the weather/conditions are.

And some may need a reminder that the work/lessons/purges/healing is… Done!  While we remain open… we know there is a new way of being and transcending.  So happy now and equinox.  ❤

11 comments on “Equinox

  1. Feeling so much like one of my agreements for this lifetime (and a few before it) is complete. And now, it’s totally up to me if I want to continue to have a relationship with an individual, or not. Feeling completely detached about it all right now. And the beauty is, I don’t have to decide right now.

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