Shakin it UP

Yup, that seems to be the/a theme.  The energy’s been building for a few days now.  While this weekend can be looked at/felt/experienced in many ways, I offer this perspective.

It’s as if one will go from all is well/calm/centered to… like, what just happened?  Where do I now stand or what do I do…?  What’s… real?  While a timeline spilt weekend can bring knowing (and new opportunities)… it may also bring energy/upgrades/experiences that shake you – to wake you.  Or bump you… and possible onto your behind, lol.  This is a good thing.  Sit, ponder… surrender and allow it to unfold.  Chill!  What may seem down, is actually UP… and confusion is optional.

This has been a busy week with much playing out.  Some are under pressure/feeling it.  Well, this is how diamonds are formed.  Others may experience the release of another and (since it might come across in a certain energy and not so pretty) if we can just remind self this isn’t personal.  Laughter and love do work – shift it to a higher energy/reminder/moment or just let go.  Gratitude and neutrality can also work.

While much is whirling, one may not be affected – yippee!  It’s like a lighthouse moment.  You know your role and aren’t phased by the weather.  There are many distractions so if in doubt, clear the channel and start again.  Periodic maintenance can go a long way.  And even if one finds that a situation breaks you… well, that’s when glow sticks shine.

While the work’s been done (by many), choices in each moment are refining and paving our future.  Not the old way, the new/now way.  We’ve come so far – continue to expand/challenge/elevate self.  Or keep it simple and do what you love/brings you joy.  We’re working on an individual and collective/universal level.

For some blinders will be coming off.  Light will pour in.  To see the beauty… simplicity… highest plan.  Welcome to a new level of the unlimited.  Much love and support.  Not overwhelming (although may be felt in this way) or complicated.  It’s easy and by design rightfully yours.  Enjoy.  Each moment truly is a gift.  ❤



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7 comments on “Shakin it UP

  1. Molly,
    Wow. This post covers so much of what I have been experiencing the last week. Surrendering again. I have been seeing all week what represents the word SHIFT on license plates. Even as I type this I looked out my office window and up in the sky I see a cloud formation that looks like a very large bird. All I can do is continue to surrender.

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