Are we there yet…?


HA!  Just when we think we are…  A rest/recalibration and the destination (seems to) change.  Well, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  Often I have a moment when I pause in writing/blogging… and as it unfolds, I wonder if I’ll return and write again.  Well, you seem to know the answer this time, lol.  Writing is an honor… and so is not writing.  Life happens and each moment is a gift; so many options.

This is, again, one of those times where much is unfolding on many levels; an awakening wave. One could see/experience and share, much.  And it is a time to let go (verses controlling, predicting or needing to do) and trust.  We land/come back together/know and then move along again and together.

We’ve been under a coronal solar wind stream/geo storm and one may be feeling this in their body (heat, heart pressure, headache, nausea, insomnia or needing to sleep, etc.) and/or observing in their reality (anywhere from aggression/rushed to the bizarre; all divine).  Let’s just say it’s a lot of energy to feel and ground and everyone is doing their part.

Here we’ve had a hurricane right offshore for a few days yet now, moving along.  I’ve felt the wind and watched the outer bands of the storm quickly go by.  Blessed as no flooding rain, etc.  The clouds have had this gentle stripping/removal//healing feeling.  It’s okay to have your head in the clouds as sky/sun/stargazing gazing can become a form of meditation/medicine.

So we work with what presents.  Your reality, whatever that may be.  It’s what needs your attention and magic.  And it may include dropping a timeline in the astral or your reality.  Either way, what an honor.  It may be one thing or many.  And one may find that something is repeating… and for a reason.  Know/feel how this time it’s different.  Possible less stress/drama/trauma/density; anew has already started.

A theme seems to be… LOVE!  Give, receive, rediscover.  And to, fear not.  There is no issue/reality one can’t change/overcome/solve… or be willing to better understand/allow/let go/experience.  It does remind me of some time ago when I realized/wrote on emotions and how they’re all good.  We experience yet they just simply don’t hold power over you.

And… this may be a time of questioning what’s been your path/way.  This has come up for me often enough, too, and so my spiritual role and vocabulary naturally changes.  Trust that the process is aligning you to right where you’re to be… always.  ❤

So thank you for reading.  😊  Heart to heart… and in love, light, darkness and service.  And please do let me/us know how your doing.

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