In every cell…

Years ago I remember reading in more than one place about a seven year spiritual “process” and I was asking Spirit about this… like, does it really take seven years?  Cause we got work to do!  And gheez, many are lucky if they can take a week spiritual retreat.  The answer was yes… and no… (and more).  And honestly now, seven years seems like a drop in the bucket.  I have a better understanding of the depths, heights and vastness of this process and why.  So this came back to light as I was thinking about every cell in the body.  And there’s some science here…


The possibility that every cell in our amazing body is regenerated within seven years.  Hmm.  Yes, this process is that thorough.  And… how this ties into our awakening dna, too.



Yet, I’ll keep this light.  One can do their own homework as needed.  Our body is an amazing vessel that knows… how to heal/awaken/ascend/etc.

This may be a time of more higher heart and mind/vision upgrades.  One may notice this upon waking – the body needing a few minutes were otherwise you’d spring from bed.  And may also be felt through the course of the day.  A short rest or meditation journey of one’s body may be helpful to see what’s going on in the inside.  Each cell, organ, the flow and light.

And I’ve been thinking on salt craving/intake.  Does it make one more fluid so that some of these upgrades can take place…?  It does seem to be a delicate balance as too much is not good either – at times our hearts are working at 111%    There does though seem to be times when we crave sugar, salt, greens, protein, (certain foods/minerals) and need a lot of water!

So happy cells/aura… and being/allowing.  The next adventure is upon us and we’ve been and are, well prepared.  ❤


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9 comments on “In every cell…

  1. Yes to cravings. Sometimes salt, or vinegar, or cacao. And more recently, sugar. Lots of magnesium for me, and tons of water. After a big shift, it seems like it takes about seven weeks to feel grounded and integrated again. Over the past four months, I haven’t had enough time between shifts. Not nearly enough.

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  2. Chocolate milk shakes and coconut milk… these things I have been craving lately. When I run out of coconut milk or milk at home my body seeks these things elsewhere. I.e. Starbucks pink drinks and milkshakes at ice cream stores. I try to make hot chocolate with milk to cover the chocolate and milk craving.

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