Open mind and pure of heart

Ahhh, a day into October and I like how now is feeling.  Oh hasn’t 2017 been a hoot so far…?  Now very much new and a time to take all that’s been given/changed and be this.  To implement it and all into our life and way of being… as it is you/your essence and us… 

and now.

I remember reading about purity years ago.  I thought to myself, yikes and lol – good luck!  Well, Spirit has guided me over the years.  I seem to have my own understanding.  It does, for some, take much work to return to this energy/state of being.  From my perspective, it’s not about being perfect or other details like your diet, etc.  It can (after removing much dentistry/false self) be quite simple.

Can I just say, your body is your compass… and will shut you down as a reminder.  If one is feeling tired, overwhelmed or a whirl of energy… rest, if even for 11 minutes.  Clear the channel (your mind/body/energy) and start again.  This is a time where much surrounds us yet might not be where our energy or focus is needed.   There’s been yet again signs and realities of… endings, dropping off, closure.  This does seem to happen often enough and usually goes hand-in-hand with trusting and letting go.  Something even greater is coming into form.

Answers… if one is still looking… aren’t found by looking outward (although there are many good signs, reminders and connection/support).  And they aren’t always found in the mind either.  Many of us have had the re-wiring and continued fine tuning.  Maybe this is, in part, the timeline splits… where the brain fires upon a synapsis and a new path is born.  Our mind is a gift yet needs to work in tandem with our heart and the Universe.  Answers are heart space… you/your core/heart beat/code… and at times relayed in the silence/peace/void.  Stay the course… as they’ll be released in accordance to your vibration/plan.


For many, we’ve ascended and descended and landed right where we’re to be.  In gratitude and peace.  We’ve now mastered this.  This has also been a time of realization about balance… in a new way.  In the past, to balance energies/polarities/etc. yet now possibly more so about experiences.  Certain ways/themes really are done yet one may have to see/feel/re-experience to know.  And oh what the future holds.

For me, some meditations have been quiet/allowing/a rest and others… powerful.  The kind where tears of joy flow.  The light grid is more… woven in light than I’ve seen before.  And tapping in… one can feel in all of their being.  The human heart grid is an extension and elevation of the crystal grid.  See if you can see/feel it in meditation and then in your everyday routine.  Many (as you go out and about) are connected and don’t even know (nor need to).  The pure of heart and heart to heart connections… oh so sweet.

And in a mediation, I heard a tone/light language, and then watched/listened to how it gets formulated into words that we understand here and now; pretty cool.

And… random yet I’ve also wondered for a while now… do the sunspots and often geo storms that follow affect us here… or do we affect the sun as we do our clearing work and then the sun mirrors?  A sunspot is where the gas becomes stagnant/wound up and needs to release.  Really it doesn’t matter… as it’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Maybe it’s, both… and more.

The Universe has been empowering us for awhile now to take the lead… an initiative… ready…?  Well… with an open mind and pure heart, we are!  ❤



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