The Multidimensional

It’s been a while since I wrote on, multidimensional.  I remember when I was getting messages and was like… what?!  And who else knows about this…??  I’d discover, many.  It would take my spiritual way and greatly  e-x-p-a-n-d  it.  It was no longer about rune stones, tarot cards and singular messages/points of view/one answer/truth.

And it would also take my body on a very new process and journey.  It was though as if I did need a solid foundation (spiritually and 3D wise) to allow this to spring forth.  Trust that it had already been completely dug up and redone, lol.

In meditation I could feel the multiverse more than I have thus far this year and how it’s now tying into this full moon.  As if a new version and cleaned up (many have been working on this).  So MUCH clarity is incoming and on many levels.  It may take several full moons to unfold.  There’s no rush.  While there are times of much intensity/acceleration, this is a well paced and spaced out journey.

If this is new to you, welcome to a wild new ride and step in your journey.  For me, (yet I didn’t know it at the time) Spirit had explained in stages… separate verses simultaneous.  When you first start experiencing it simulations… ohhh.  Often just in moments yet that will be enough.  Keep it simple and note your experiences.  There’s much support available so be sure to reach out.  Ask questions, share and research as needed.

I was also reflecting on how this is an accelerated world.  Look at how so much is now, instant!  Many on the spiritual path started long ago to have these instant moments yet now might feel more on the slow track, lol; much detail/refinement work.  3D has greatly changed in just a few years/decades.  Our experience of awakening was so profound, we do expect miracle.  We know.  Well… miracles such as birth, awakening, reconnecting and death/transitioning seem to be the big ones.  The others are happening, too.  Patience.

So this may be a time to continue to be available/open… and to hone/craft your amazing (new found) skills and gifts.  Many of us are anchoring in huge amounts of love… and light.  Huge!  So much, in a moment there might not seem to be ample outlets to exchange.  Continue to cycle this energy into self, the grid/planet/Universe and to those who naturally cross your path.

I’ll leave you with this short message as it’s for all/any, kinda in Dr. Seuss fashion:

What’s next is for you to discover.  You’ve been under a cover but not for much longer.  All cherubs have their day. 


So cherubs… let’s create a great now! ❤


Top pics taken this past few days cloud gazing.  The pinks, blues, clean slate and clouds as is suspended in time.

6 comments on “The Multidimensional

  1. Talk to me about this “solid foundation” in the body. I’ve never been heavy but have gained weight over the past year–and while doc says it’s thyroid, I feel it might be related to energy changes. Would like to lighten up again, though:).

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    • Kay… you will! Sorry for delayed response… just thoughts/sharing: not so much solid foundation in the body (although you do, like a stage of balancing chakra’s, creating elements… yet then – oh another story)… but also a new foundation/time in life. For me I’d already jackhammered the old foundation out, cleared the lot and poured a new foundation – like a special time of safety, stability, willingness, etc. Weight gain can be related to this journey/energy and even dna changes and then we do lighten up. At times when we’re anchoring/grounding in, we puff up/absorb and then release and flow. You’re dialed in/wise… keep meditating and you’ll be shown, why and any other info. Trust your body/process. ❤ and I love ya!! 🙂

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