Come alive

Wow… okay… as a personal a-ha sends me to sit down and just write.  We do learn to balance all of this again and in a new way.  I am not sure that the word shift or alignment work as well as… well…  this simply is who we are, here and now.  Alive… and glowing.  Happy and knowing… (or knowing, enough).

Let’s first though do an energy update or just a possible perspective as this wave/pulse/moment is being felt in a variety of ways to include…



Yup… that seems to sum it up!  (Possibly/collectively to include a Dark “Night”, or what could be called a descension moment).  And… we get to the other side of this.  It’s just a moment.  Light… uplifting… life and laughter are just around the bend and can also be, now.

If you feel these moments/pulses, it may be in mood, mental, spiritually challenged, physical or in your reality.  They can be for a day or weeks.  Oh so many possibilities and stages in this journey.  It would be a disservice to say they go in a particular order… or consist of this/that… or are all pleasant/neat.  They do serve a purpose and I smile as I see all of the growth and changes.  A mazing!  And I will say that the simplest thing can be an activation.  An energy/reminder of what you are…  I AM that  or, may now need to do/be.  Even if you’re not in that moment, it’s okay and trust that it’s coming into form.

In reflecting… for me there was a stage in this journey of, what’s next?  And that seems to be mostly a thing of the past.  We get our lessons done and become present. We learn to be open/receive/flexible and try new ways.  We don’t stay… solely  😉  in that phase as it can be too low of a vibe.  We shift more and more into who we are… creators of our wonderful reality/future.


And many understand, there is no time.  I’ve come to learn that time is a gift and Spirit’s also given lessons on the speeding up and slowing down.  I received a reminder that time is an energy and an entity in itself.  For me it’s presented in the masculine form (like a grandfather clock or the character from the Alice in Wonderland movie).  Some do reference timekeeper as a spiritual role.  One can connect and work in/with Time … as it has much to teach us.

Alrighty… enough for now.  Stay hydrated, present, open/relaxed, check in with your body/meditate and honor/enjoy.  Hold all of this in perspective and smile… or even better… shine!


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