HUman Photosynthesis…?


First, let me say that I am writing this from a certain level of understanding.  I am not an expert, more a conduit and student.  There are times Spirit gives detailed messages, we have knowing’s… and for me, times when Spirit drops words/clues and it’s up to us to do our own seeking and pondering.

This mix (as well as other ways – dreams, signs, etc.) has been how it’s worked for me for years now.  Word clues and visions in meditation was how I was more personally introduced to the photon belt/torus energy, steps in the lightbody process, etc.   When I am in a more physical process, detailed messages don’t necessarily come through.

So at first, several weeks ago I noticed my body needed different food or more so, minerals.  And while I drink a lot of water, there seemed to be times when I needed even more.  Many who follow along here know I used to be morbidly obese (before awakening loosing 90 pounds).  Keeping the weight off was a commitment.  To more recently these past few years eat whatever I want, trust my body and not gain weight – wow!  Usually variety and moderation yet trust at times we need grounding/dense/sugar/salty food.  And for me, I haven’t needed to fast, yet there are times we don’t need much.  We really can have a physical light body.  And the lightbody heals and comes online in many ways.  In the past, it was on an mental and emotional level to release dis ease and now it seems more on a physical/genetic/energy level.

So the first word choice was, superhuman and I held this loosely as it would be easy to attach all sorts of meaning.  Then I awoke overnight where the reference was we’re like salt lamps.  Hmm… interesting as many of us are drawn to and have these.  (click on any pic to enlarge)


And then… I awoke this morning repeating, cell regeneration and heard, photosynthesis.  Ahh as many of us do spend time in the sun.  I’ll reference this picture which I found here (and additional info/slides)…


as well as other screen shots/pics found online:


For some, chakra’s might not be as important as this has changed to literally an every cell thing.  And there’s some science here – that in seven years our body does completely regenerate.  Some cells quicker/more often, others longer.  So there seem to be a purifying theme.  Ahh… to release the O2/creator breath of life.

Maybe then a general reference – we take “CO2/negative” and convert it into “O2/ions/positive” energy.  While there’s more, let’s not make this complicated.  Just planting seeds… haha, good pun/fun.  And does this tie into gamma/geostorms/electron flux’s and how our human body responds?   😊

I’ll remain open and pass along or, one can do their own discernment.  Often I am just to relay and let go.  It is though fun to bridge/mix Spirit and science a bit.  So thank you for reading, sharing, being … and have an enlightening now.  ❤


Other possible reading:  hydroelectric-energy-Kundalini

AND over a year later this 7 minute video/youtube would be brought to my attention.  Whoo as many syncs.  I found it to be activation level (so the mind may not completely get it yet allow it to sink in).  We are the “plant”.  We are starseeds.  Once awoken we do allow many collapses within our vessel yet continue on (in our heart and singing, let there be light).  We continue to overcome and… bloom!




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