10/14/17 Energy

Alrighty lights and loves… yes, we are experiencing something significant.  It may be felt, experienced or… seen all around you (as you hold space/peace).  So while many words could be used, as we’re all in different places, you can fill in your own words/vibration.  And it’s all good… seriously!

Geo-storms can assist in releasing anger/aggression/attitude… sadness… and can also make one feel great … high, woo-hoo energy.  If too high though, disconnect and rest.  One may naturally just need to sleep.  Please honor and trust your body as a guide.  No pushing it.  And anxiety can also be trigger now.  Just go slow and love!

While releasing is good, there also comes a time when a shift/change is an even better choice.  Some time ago I worked with situations/energy (identifying) and then worked them backwards.  In healing this may greatly assist.  It’s not so much about the current issue/trigger as about connecting the dots back to the original moment/pain/wound.  Getting to the root to release it all.  To allow the a-ha… healing… and to move forward anew.  Forever changed.  Interesting as now I am seeing/assisting/doing this as new situations come into my energy that often do see random.  Like, I know not to take personal yet at times curious why and do wish to elevate the energy for all.  Seeing how actions play out and then trigger/ripple out.  To see the much larger picture.

So a variety of words may be part of this current energy:  Apology/forgiveness.  Accountability.  Communication.  And thinking on ways to reduce stress, too.  To be humbled in a good way and to appreciate.  Be open and available.  Compassion.  When one has stuff to release, reactions happen… otherwise love happens.

Many are experiencing cellular clearing, regeneration and/or filling up on photonic light.  Your mind might not remember/understand…  So this can feel fluish or as if you are puffing up… or as if you/your body is off… and it usually passes within a few days.

This may also be a time when one is experiencing differences with time/reality… food/drink… and sleep.  Either needing more/less/different.  Possibly feeling blah… brain fog, really just rewiring.  One of the main reasons is to just, let go!  Allow the reset.

As for me, I received time/message from what I call my home frequency.  It unfolded over hours.  I’ve been under a (different) process for over two years now and receiving this type/vibe of message has been limited.  For me it’s as good as it gets here and will all sync up again.  I smile better understanding and will review my notes later to see what I can share/may assist or resonate with another.

Okay… so enough for now as LIFE and Spirit are happening!  Be sure to reach out and connect as this wild and amazing energy unfolds.  Unexpected…?  Ha, don’t you love it.  Much love and more, later.  ❤



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