fall o wing…


Oh the past several days/week – a 5 day geo-storm which is a bit unusual.  For me everything from headache, to get er done and with ease to… wake, love, eat, sleep and repeat often in a day.  It’s also been interesting to see who’s been affected by this wave and in what ways as there are many.  The variety and perfection. 

I am reminded that after wowzer waves such as this, often a period of integration follows.  And… it’s not always easy.  Sometimes it can be described as… WTF??  ( was that all about,  just happened,  was it real at all? )  or what seems like a spiritual disconnect/human depression… yet more like a decompression phase.  Trust the process and know that it will change again soon enough.  Allow your body and mind to ketch up.  This latest wave definitely had a letting go/shedding of the old.  So review your notes/experiences.  Ponder.  Often there’s a way to share/connect/seek more on a topic.  It can also be peace and even great joy.  One may be so inspired they naturally move/flow right into creation/the next.

All of this fits perfectly into a new moon time (the 19th).  A time that seems dark(er) yet a time to reflect.  And our next full moon is 11/4/17… to be followed by 11/11 – oh how lightworkers love this day.  So we have, time.

There are times when dark night also seems to be part of the pulse and can be felt/experienced in varying degrees.  Lets be compassionate and check on tribe… to include just about anyone who crosses your path.  We’re all here for a reason and now may not be easy/clear for another.

And during this time, we’re also very much working with the elements.  Fire!  Wind, Earth and Rain.  As well as the crystals and grid.  Connect in your reality or meditation and see what they have to teach you.

Over 24 hours I could feel an energy that was ready to surface.  I wanted to say it was the largest felt to date (yet, we do have many profound moments).  So I was like, whoa…  Yet then I smiled and reminded self that I/we are ready.  For our next.  We’re anchoring in 2018, too.  Bring it… and at the same time, so happy to be present here and now.

Oh what will we write/experience/do next?  Think/be… light … as we rise, fall, flow and shift.  Our wings have indeed expanded a bit.  Please enjoy the freedom and ride.  ❤


(pic found online)

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