Oh the shifts are subtle yet profound… and, many.  I’ve been encouraged to be offline yet… this is online.  So this will be short and sweet as most of the notes/messages can wait.  There has been a layer of surfacing/shedding of the old/unknown-random/yikes and… we’re getting ready to roll into another significant wave/pulse.  Not all will experience as they are doing what they need to.  So…

this can be a time of better understanding who one is, their/the plan and the larger design.  Possibly a soul jumping experience.  And one may receive gifts in meditation and often these do show up in time in our reality, too.

This is also a time to let go of what you knew/Mastered and welcome in the new.  Some of these shift may be larger than one realizes in the moment.  Clear the channel and pull in often.  There is much to discover.  It’s also like reading a chapter book to a young child; only so much at a time.  Then to understand a complete story/picture (or a particular level/book).  This particularly applies if you’ve done (enough and for now) your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual work.  This is what’s beyond healing, embodiment, etc. and it, too, is pretty awesome.

While much of this journey has moments of such peace… for me in general this second child feeling now.  Like not trying/neurotic/wanting or needing it to be perfect, reading-referring to articles/books, etc. (for lack of other words).  It simply, however it presents, is!  And, we got this.  Like a second nature that is now just our nature in every cell of our being.

Much is going on so one may need to choose carefully what they feed/allow in their energy.  Less and simple may be best.

So for now, a draft post tomorrow and then we’ll see.  Smiling and sending out much love!


P.S.  Outside morning meditations have made the world of difference the past two mornings.


7 comments on “checking-in

  1. Profound yes, subtle no….lol
    All Is Well ❤️ I had a dream……I found myself in this huge factory like place, yet feeling out of place because I didn’t know there was a meeting taking place.
    A lot of ‘place’ here…ha! As it turned out, everyone was sitting along with a supervisor, the assignment was to take Radom objects, whether it be clothing or whatever, and ‘RE-INVENT’ it!!!! Now for me this is significant, as this is what I find myself doing/thinking a lot…..I’m having to reinvent myself as the OLD ME is fading fast! Just thought I would share 😊❤️

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