a moment

I have numerous posts just about ready to go yet… I pause as none of them feel right in this moment.  Many possibilities energy wise, so no way to cover it all.  We have everything from “death”/what feels like death/sadness to twin flame to wanting to know what’s next and how does one make peace with the unknown/now. 

Stats for posts written on suicidal thoughts and a spiritual journey have been higher and the topic has also been coming up in general in my reality.  I feel blessed because I’ve been there and now – particularly these past few weeks – have an even newer sense of ease, stability and understanding.  Remember… this is just a moment and we awake anew  (okay, yes, it may take a few days).  So this may also be a time to more include your soul family/reality.  It can be a challenge to articulate yet may be time and needed.  Giving self a break… please.

For me there was a step/stage in this journey where I seemed to worry… a lot.  I knew it wasn’t like me and then I didn’t understand what was going on in my mind and body; big changes.  Spirit was with me though, consistently reminding me, no worry, you are safe and of the higher choice/path and to proceed.  And in time, this faded.  Yet what if one imagines an angel on their shoulder, consistently doing just this.

What may help as we roll into this next energy wave will be different for each.  For some this energy will feel very ungrounded… and for a reason.  So… sleep, outdoor time or activity (even star gazing at night is great at new moon time) or doing something out of routine/that would even surprise self.  One may need alone time or need to be with others/family/love.

It may be a time to vocalize (possibly to self) or journal the lies and truth.  It just needs to surface to then, see and know.

Good news:  Many of us have forerun this next.  Some may be able to better guide (word wise).  As for me, I smile.  It feels good… amazing and time… and future posts may better assist/describe.  It is love and may be a biggie.  And, one can get to a place of peace, (trust) and allowing the unfolding.

This post is more to say, whatever you’re experiencing… you’re not alone.  Just keep breathing and see what presents for you.    Much ❤  Big Hug!

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  1. Much Love Molly, and huge heartfelt gratitude for always being there for me, and giving me the space to fully open up, when I need it most!! ❤️

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